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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Arbitrary Inference

- I may be making an arbitrary inference here, but did someone forget to hit the spacebar when they registered Pioneerof the Nile at the Jockey Club? It's driving me crazy every time I see it and I don't think I can stand it through the whole Road to the Roses Derby trail. There, it's off my chest. Whew. He starts next in the Robert B. Lewis this weekend at Santa Anita if you'll be rooting against him with me. Not that I want to start a bargument about the spelling of a horse's name, but I just can't let it go.

- I'm bummed about Saratoga Sinner, who I hear is off the Derby trail, probably the first of many that will become infected with the injury bug. The 12-1 winner of the Holy Bull looked good to me on paper, with improving Beyers through his first few races, the red hot Julien Leparoux (he's becoming a fav of mine) aboard and a nice post position (4) last Saturday. Unfortunately my other three picks fell by the wayside, but I'm back to black numbers in the DRF contest.

- Speaking of The Jockey Club, neither Wilford Brimley (or Dinny Phipps for that matter) have shown up on my doorstep with briefcase in tow (or disguised with baby balloons), but then again, I've been laying low for a few days after learning that I could be a marked man. Can't touch this.

- I really enjoyed this Jay Cronley article in today. He provides a nice racing tip regarding fast works by firsters: "Each time I pick up a book or begin an article about horse racing, all I ask for is some insight, some foresight, one negotiable angle that might work more than half the time. Well, here's one: fast works, very fast works in general, and rocket-style works on a maiden first-time starter in particular. I have come to consider very fast works on young horses to be well worth avoiding. In the first place, works are usually done against air. In the next place, some are so fast as to qualify for a bounce. And almost always fast works are over-bet. Two things matter with a first-time starter, breeding, and trainer percentages with maidens. All you need from a maiden work is something good. Something too good is unworkable hindsight." I have fallen for those bullets, more than once.

- Ed DeRosa, news editor of the Thoroughbred Times, at the Thoroughbred Racing Association of North America annual meeting in Sin City makes an interesting observation in today's column: "The irony of this year’s conference being in Las Vegas is that participants will be unable to support the pari-mutuel pools at several major American racing circuits during their stay because of a disagreement between TrackNet Media and Las Vegas race books regarding signal fees."

- Anyone have anything to report (or point me towards a relevant post) on the Save the Belmont Train public hearing? Been out of the loop for a few days and could use a good compass.

- And, the biggest loser of office pools struck again on Sunday sitting chilly with the numbers 3,0 and needing an Arizona stop on the last drive to pass go and collect.....


Superfecta said...

I have the same problem with Pioneerof the Nile - I really can't get into him because of the terrible, terrible lack of spacing.

Anonymous said...

There's no space because the name can only be 18 letters and spaces, so they had to leave out a space somewhere to get the name approved.

Valerie said...

It would have been less annoying if they had just run it all together...Pioneerofthenile. Which name bugs me? I'm sorry, but I can never envision a Kentucky Derby winner named The Pamplemousse (gag!).

I totally agree on Leparoux. Almost any horse he gets on for the first time these days seems to improve big time.


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