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Friday, February 6, 2009

Not Those Jockeys

Sorry to those Jim Palmer fans out there that thought the new reality show was about underwear models...wrong Jockeys! It's all about the seven Left Coast jockeys who will be premiering in Animal Planet's new reality show tonight (channel 282 on DirecTV) at 9pm where the first two episodes will be played. Robert from They're in the Gate has written a nice review (he's says watching it on HD is the bomb) on the opening episode, check his site out if you want to get a sneak peak at what's to come. I've got Orville on notice and am looking forward to hunkering down in the Space Den, Space Kid in tow (starting him young) to watch the opening two episodes. I also hear there is some romance, hopefully not of the Leah-Hosea Top Chef variety. It scares me a little betting on either Sutherland or Smith knowing they are an "item" and the distractions that can result. Ask Tim from The Apprentice 5, a prime example of a reality show dude whose stock faltered once a chick got into his head....stay tuned.

Other writeups all around the TBA on Jockeys can be found at Post Parade, Triple Dead Heat, Amateur Capper, Owning Racehorses, Superfecta and Mary Forney, to name a few.....Enjoy. Here's a little preview from the Fast Track Love episode provided courtesy of the Animal Planet:


raypaulick said...

Oh, you kids today! Before Jim Palmer was an underwear model he was one of the best right-handed pitcher in baseball and a first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

Reminds of the time at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago I happened to be walking a few steps behind Palmer through an area where there was a lot of foot traffic coming from the other direction.

I heard several people say after they passed him, "Hey, wasn't that the underwear guy?" Not one of them referred to him as the three-time Cy Young Award winner.

Oh, well. Fame is fleeting unless you pose in your skivvies.

EquiSpace said...


Haha...I am a 45 year old longtime Orioles (and major Brooks Robby and Jim Palmer) fan...Boog Powell, Paul Blair, Andy Etchebarren, Mark Belanger and the lot were my heros growing up...4 twenty game winners in 1970...

Thanks for reading Ray!

SaratogaSpa said...

thanks for the link-after watching it last night for the 2nd time-I think overall the show was good-especially the shots of Zenyatta in episode 2.

My only complaint is the race calls which are not the actual calls but dubs done specifically for the show.


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