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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Times Gone By, Dude

Well it's almost New Years Day and I've had the Space Gal running up and down the stairs all day trying to get the deduction in, but it looks like it's to no avail. I don't have anything interesting to report as I've been immersed in two books over the holidays, "Johnny U" and "Laughing in the Hills" so I've taken some time off on the blogging front. Some great racetrack references to report on next year from the Johnny U book. The dude (Unitas) was my idol growing up and the book is fascinating to me and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. Laughing in the Hills is all that's it's been made up to be (that I read on some other notable blogs) and I look forward to wrapping that one up over the weekend. My Lost in the Fog DVD showed up, so that too is in my future.

Anyways, to keep yourselves busy while I'm on hiatus, drum up a picture to submit over at the TBA website where something is going on regarding some picture that got some award or whatnot. Anyways it looks like a fun contest with great prizes (i think). I'm not a rules reader so don't count on me to enlighten you, everything you need to know is at the main page.

Happy New Year to all who visit here, I appreciate that you endear yo' bad selves to my nonsense and bad handicapping skillz (I'm in a slangy mood, sorry). From my Opening Day post to my year end Wishing Well, I've been having a blast sharing a look into the inner circle of a bean counter gone mad over an awesome sport. Have a safe night, remember don't drink and blog, it can be dangerous.

I'll leave you with a final 2008 belly laugh, dude. (Subtitles for my foreign readers)


Space Vixen... not Gal said...

A few things:
1. The Hills is scripted.
2. I'm having contractions! What more do you want from me!?! :)
3. "Skillz" is more Sheetz than slang. I think PA rubbed off on you.
4. Remember - when writing your resolutions, ask yourself, "What would Tanner Jones do?"
5. Cheers to the New Year!

Dianna in SC said...

he he he he LOLOLOL...ahh DUDE! SWEEEEEET! wow...i needed that! it's been a tough year! cheers!!!

Winston...not really said...

Happy new year.


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