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Friday, January 2, 2009

Television Games

My battle cry back in September was "I want my HRTV," and now it looks like I'll need to take Power Cap's comment to heart and look into the DishTV option. Why, you ask? Well, as reported in the At The Races blog, the NYRA signal is currently being withheld from our boys over at TVG (sponsor of our Sprint division). WTF. I am relegated to Tampa, Delta Downs, Mountaineer and some quarter horse races? I'm not a harness player, so those races (which I will occasionally watch and enjoy) don't interest me as much as the NYRA races, that I maintain most of my investments. So, it looks like TwinSpires TV on my laptop is in my future this weekend. At least I won't have to switch back and forth between the NFL playoff games. Chucky, NYRA prez, issued a statment that said "blah blah working diligently blah blah regret the inconvenience blah blah blah" Nothing reported at the NYRA website, of course. Hey, thanks for all the positive vibes and screwing all those folks who bet on NYRA tracks on TVG. So much for my resolving for being nicer in the New Year, lasted a whole 34 hours. Oh well.

While I'm at it, the New York Racing & Wagering Board (RWB) is also making waves with horseplayers, as reported just after the New Year by the Cristblog (he must have been bored posting at 12.15am) and by Moran, implementing a new rule regarding uncashed tickets over $300 within ten days, require more identification than someone trying to obtain a passport or admission to an R rated movie. The new rule, timed coincidently, to the political hiring of the new Executive Director, Ronald Ochrym, a former lobbyist who used to serve under the pork king, Michael Bragman from Syracuse. Of course they replaced a perfectly competent attorney in doing this, nice going RWB, I'm sure this lobbyist knows exactly what's he's doing as the chief regulator in New York. Pure political BS. As reported both at Crist and Moran's respective blogs, Chucky also opposed this new rule and continued by saying "blah blah further inconveniencing the customer blah blah no other state in the country punishes its customers blah blah." F'd again.

Ok, I'm done ranting. Happy New Year.


Winston...not really said...

Did we skip a reading of The Four Agreements this morning?

EquiSpace said...

Mr. Not Really just passed on the good news...per a link over at the Paulick Report they've reached a deal.

Agreement Number 2: Don't make assumptions (i never skip a reading) and Agreement #1 is being impeccable with your word - thus my rant. LOL.

Power Cap said...

You have to secure contingency plans for yourself in this game. Multiple sources for video in case a government agency pulls the plug, multiple ADW's in case of a horseman dispute and multiple sources of information to remain balanced.

While others are complaining and spiking a high blood pressure reading you can remain calm, cool and collect ticket after ticket.


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