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Friday, November 4, 2011

BC Freaky Friday

It could end up being Freaky Friday by the time the races have been run, especially since the track due to the constant rain yesterday has been listed as muddy and the turf course is yielding.

We've settled in here in Louisville and the weather isn't as ideal as I had anticipated. Luckily, I brought my Woodbine International jacket along (courtesy of Mr. Triple Dead Heat) as it's a little breezy and the temp is just pushing 50 degrees.

The day started out well (after shaking out the cobwebs - thanks to the Space Gal's wake-up call) after seeking out a super cool coffee shop called VINT. It had a Uncommon Grounds-like feel to it and the cran-orange scone was pretty awesome. This commercial was brought to you by Spacely Sprockets.

Oh yeah, the racing. Here's my Sports, Ink blog looking at the last four BC races on the card in today's Buffalo News. I'll be focusing mostly on the rolling Pick-3s all day and throwing in bombs to try and catch lightning in a bottle. It looks like a rather chalky card, but that's just when things can get freaky and with a number of 2-year old Juvenile races on the card anything can happen.

The TBA's Handicappers' Corner over at the ThoroFan site features a number of posts on 10 of the weekend's Breeders' Cup races by some of our group's most talented handicappers. Be sure to check out their thoughts.

I'm also participating in a Handicapping Challenge Contest for the Wireplayers team, I site that I have participated as a Derby Dozen pollster for the past two years. We are taking on a formidable team from the Hello Race Fans! site. It should make for some interesting tweeting over the weekend.

Try and check in at the Sports, Ink site tomorrow where I'll be live blogging the BC races starting around 1:30 p.m. Let's hope you end up in the winners' circle!

Good luck and enjoy the races!



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