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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake Rattle & Roll

So what's shakin' in your 'hood?

Some mundane thoughts as we inch closer towards Travers weekend....with some random Buffalo stuff thrown in for good measure....

- I'm warming to Ruler On Ice this weekend with a no-name long shot coming in second. That's my story and I'm sticking to it (maybe).

- What's with The Factor not coming East for a date with Mo in the King's Bishop? Bawk to the Bawk.

- The Bills should trade for Tebow? According to my pal, The Kick is Good...yes. I'd like to have whatever he's smoking. He loves the Bills more than Ralph Wilson, so I'll give him a pass this time.

- The Toga Party is heating up and 4 (count em, 4) points are up for grabs this weekend. Pick 'ems for the Travers and the King's Bishop and previously submitted selections for Travers Day attendance and the $2 trifecta.  Who will make the late move this weekend as we hit the quarter pole? It just can't be the Space Gal, who is hovering around the lead...I'd never hear the end of it...

- Congrats to Tencentcielo, the only contestant to select Royal Delta (out of 19) in last weekend's Alabama.

- The local columnists have already written off the Bills after two preseason games. Thanks for coming.

- Still haven't read the McKinsey Report....better get to it...may even have to dust off the old Jockey Club Form 990 post and update it for all the dough they're stowing away. Heard on Byk's show they spent upwards of $2M on the report. Dat's a lot of bread, Fred.

- No 3:59 attempt on Travers Day, but a surgical strike next Wednesday (8/31) with the Saratoga Resident may be in the cards to crack the magic number. Only downside is it could be quota day for the NYS Troopers being the last day of the month.

- This week's Post Time features for TBN will be a Travers advance (Friday or Saturday paper) and post-race commentary (Sunday paper) and the Friday Sports, Ink blog will take a look at the King's Bishop - for you locals who are following along at home.

- Disappointed that I didn't get to a Bisons game this year. Took the Space Kid to see Winnie the Pooh instead. Just don't think he's ready to sit still just yet at the ballpark. He does like "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" so there is hope.  This for a kid at 2 1/2 who has been to four race tracks already.

- Started reading Kenny Mayne's book. Utter hilariousness. I'm only on the C's (he reviews various sports from A to Z), but he already has me peeing my pants.

- I can't bring myself to listen to podcasts. Am I alone here? I'd rather read an article any day than listen to a podcast. Am I missing something?

- I've been in the black for the Saratoga meet for the last two meets. The 2011 meeting: not so much. There's still time (said the optimist who has a big hole to dig out of).

- Congrats to TBA'er Joe Nevills, who has hooked onto a staff writer's job at The Thoroughbred Times. The Michigan-bred Claimer has taken his talents to Lexington. I read his print article last night on the Oklahoma racing scene...good stuff.  Way to go, Joe.

That's all I have.....thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

You need a tweet button. I want to tweet this.

Get a tweet button.




EquiSpace said...

Pocket: I have to figure out how to get it on the bottom without completely wiping out my template!


The_Knight_Sky said...

I'm aboard with Ruler on Ice as the vertical key. You may have read my Tweet on his work at MTH last week.

As for the Tweet button. They're difficult to incorporate into the body of the posts. Careful.

Be sure to save the original HTML
before all else.

And oh. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I twinkyed it!

If racing had this kind of quick customer service, we'd be kicking ass!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the kind words. I'll try not to screw up too badly.


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