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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whack a Mole

I used to love going to the Great New York State Fair in my hometown Syracuse and play the whack-a-mole game. I can still hear one of my best buds mimicking the carnival barker with a little "whack that mole, hit em in the head, whack that beaver, kill him dead" rhyme. After reading that the latest idea to save horse racing was shot down Jesse James style, it must seem to those trying to make it work are playing the part of the mole and powers that hold the cards in one hand have the whack-a-mole hammer in the other. Did they really think that the holes wouldn't be filled with piss in the long run? I've pretty much given up with that thinking and gone straight to handicapping and minding my own business (for now).

It's been a wild and woolly week for me. On Tuesday I spent some time with QB Jim Kelly on his weekly Under the Helmet Show on a local Buffalo radio station. As the outside accountant for his charitable foundation, Hunter's Hope, I was asked to oversee his Big 12 Raffle (Academy Awards style, sans the black tie) where he gave away 12 cool prizes, including 2 Super Bowl tickets for this season's big game in Dallas. It was a cool experience, it's not every day that you are able to hang with a Hall of Fame Quarterback, and be on the radio to boot. Not to mention help out a good cause.

As far as the latest racing, if Blind Luck truly goes in the Zen...err...Lady's Secret...wowsa. It could be "back up the truck" time and should she upset the big the Classic division be a big ole heap of uncertainty. I smell juicy odds at Churchill if that happens. Gotta love the major kahunas of Hollendorfer if he skips the Cotillion for the Secret.

Hey could always recruit this guy to help ya....

1 Comment:

The_Knight_Sky said...

Holey gwack-a-moley. That guy's got technique ! Worthy of two stuffed Huckleberry Hounds!!

Q: for the radio guest.
Does Jim Kelly get a Christmas card from Marty Lyons nowawdays.

I'm a believer in letting bygones be bygones but I've always wondered about that. LOL!


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