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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup – Space Man Style

A is for Affirmed and Alydar, a rivalry for the ages.

B is for Beulah and Belmont , a couple of Parks and the Bid.

C is for Cauthen and Curlin, the best of their times.

D is for Del Mar, where the turf meets the surf.

E is for Exacta, my favorite bet. (You thought I was going to be egocentric didn’t you?)

F is for Foolish Pleasure, the Hall of Fame Derby winner.

G is for Goose and Tonic, my racetrack drink.

H is for Hialeah, the gem of the South.

I is for IRS Window and 1099’s.

J is for Jockey Club, the keepers of the sport. (cue laugh track)

K is for Kelso, the late blooming champ.

L is for Losing Ticket , stay away from me, please.

M is for Man o’War, need I say more?

N is for Northern Dancer, cause it’s in the blood.

O is for Oak Tree, wherever it may be.

P is for Preakness, the second jewel to see.

Q is for Quinella, a funky kind of bet.

R is for Ruffian, whose movie brought me to tears (first since Brian Piccolo)

S is for several of the best (Secretariat, the Slew and Saratoga)

T is for Thomas the Tank Engine (sorry, Space Kid was editing)….it’s actually for Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance, your source for turf news and whatnot.

U is for "U got to be kidding me" for the photo finish that cost me the Pick 4.

V is for Victory Ride (and getting close to the end).

W is for a Win bet on a longshot play.

X is for the horse that Crist throws away.

Y is for Yonaguska, a fine sire indeed.

Z is for Zenyatta, how about a repeat?


Anonymous said...

If Blogger had a "Like" button, I would be pressing it right now. Awesome.

Like many of your other cool ideas, I may have to steal this idea for my own evil devices. This is totally going to be a thing.

Brian Appleton said...

I love the C for Curlin! Very clever post I loved it!

EquiSpace said...

Joe: Thanks for the kind words and feel free to "steal" it as you know this is just my Alphabet Soup...would love to see the Michigan version!

Brian: I know you're a Curlin fan, as am I....thanks for the comment and for reading.


Susan said...

Loved this post Geno! You have the BEST ideas!

Ernie said...

G is for Geno
C is for Cup

Partners in Louisville?
Tell me wussup


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