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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Squish the Fish

We momentarily interrupt this horse racing blog to head out to the Ralph this afternoon for opening day activities for our beloved Bills. I shared a cigar with handicapper extraordinaire the Turk yesterday morning and he tells me he's optimistic on the season at hand. The way he's firing at the windows....that's encouraging! Squish the Fish.


Scott Jagow said...

Let's go Buffalo!!

My optimism will most likely last until the 3rd quarter. But I actually like our chances today. It may be one of the few days I can say that. Have fun at the game!

Dan said...

The only thing worse than listening to how bad the offense was on the radio was listening to Murphy and Kelso refuse to say anything too negative. They soft pedaled it calling it "disappointing", "challenged", and "ineffective". No, it was awful, insulting, and unacceptable. We know who is signing their paychecks, but it comes with the cost of journalistic integrity. See you next year in Saratoga.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Buffalo scored more points than the Jests on Monday night, and you guys are disappointed?

There was nothing more anemic than the Jets offense. It hurt to watch.
It was actually more fun watching the defense stay on the field and get tested.

See you in week 4.
The Battle of Attrition Bowl.


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