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Friday, September 10, 2010

Saratoga Hangover

Have you been walking around like you just drank a bottle of Jack last night? Is it someone's cruel joke that there is actually a hangover remedy named Jack's? Ever since the Spa meet ended on Monday it's been like that for me. I can't seem to focus ever since Voodoo Queen crossed the wire on Monday to complete the 40th day and 192nd turf race at the Spa. To boot, there doesn't seem to be any decent races on tap for the next few weeks (there probably is, but it feels good to whine a little). Not only that...I think somebody stole my snark. I've been Mr. Nice Guy all summer long and nary a word that would make your average blogger in the basement proud. That's right, we're not here to report on the sport, we're here to have fun with it as it sinks further and further out of the main stream.

To make matters worse, the Space Gal has been taunting me that I can't go a month without a wager. Tonight I was checking the internet on my phone and was teased that I was sneaking in a show bet on the Presque Isle Mile (I didn't...although if I did it would have been on the #8 horse - he came in third). Of course, my inner discipline can handle it, so I'm not worried, although she picked the worst time to challenge me, since I've been hotter than a two dollar pistol. But I never back down from a Space Gal challenge.

Anyways, here's a few things to try and get my snark back.......

NYRA's suggestion box.

How to perfect the 3:59, Buffalo to Saratoga style (courtesy: Saratoga Resident)

How not to perfect the 3:59 (courtesy: Saratoga Resident in traffic jam)

We've also been hearing a lot about how recent Derby winners have been lackluster at best subsequent to donning the roses on the first Saturday in May, and some have even suggested that the Derby is losing its luster. I say Poppycock (that's right, with a capital P). So what if Mine That Bird or Super Saver don't do donkey for the rest of their respective careers, they won the big one and you can't take it away. People remember the Derby winner and don't give a rat's arse about what they do after the Triple Crown. The only ones that do are nerds like us who follow the sport full time. No way it takes away from the Derby, which for all intents and purposes is an event, not a race. Not to mention, those horses are spent running back 2 weeks after the Derby in the Preakness and the TC trail can definitely take it's toll. For me, you have to respect the Derby winner no matter what. He (or she) did it at the classic distance on the dirt (or slop) and while it may take a little luck (and the right post position) it's still the hardest race to win in America. For every horse that struggles after the Derby, there's a Street Sense or Big Brown that did very well, thank you. The last two were run in the slop and had pre-race defections from the probable favorites (if they ever saw the gate), so basing an argument with those horses in mind, in my opinion is weak at best.

How 'bout that Gayego, track record tonight at PID. Where's he going? Dirt Mile? Mile?

Have a great weekend, I'll be popping aspirin trying to get over this Saratoga Hangover whilst I locate my snark.


Patrick J Kerrison said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with a Saratoga hangover. Fun piece to read. Thank you for posting.

EquiSpace said...

Thanks, Patrick, for stopping by and for the kind words!


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