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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bada Bing Takes Toga Party III

Congrats to Tony Bada Bing who was A Leg Up on some steep competition in the Toga Party III Contest that wrapped up yesterday as the Spa concluded their 2010 meeting. Cheers to a job well done. Mr. Bada Bing wins the handicapping book of his choosing from the proprietor here at EquiSpace Ventures. A victory dance (video) of his choice will accompany the winner, or lap around Saratoga Race Course (if we can beat security).

The final standings were close, as Bada Bing closed late with victories in the Leading Trainer, Leading Jockey and Jockey Wins to go along with his 3 consecutive winning selections in the Dandy, Whitney and Alabama. Here's a look at the top 3 spots:

1st - Tony Bada Bing, 6 points
2nd - Space Bro, Floppydog, 5 points
3rd - Green But Game, Saratoga Spa, Railrunner, Tencentcielo, Kennedy's Corridor & Handride, 4 points

Once again, leading the International entries, was The Dresden File with 2 points. Hey, at least you can say you are an International Champion!

Notably, Dana at GbG was (oh so) close to garnering her first crown, just missing opening day attendance and the Woodward exacta by 93 attendees and $2.00, respectively. Maybe next year?

I hope everyone had fun with this year's closely contested contest and enjoyed playing along from home. Thanks again for participating in our biggest contest yet. Any suggestions for Toga Party IV are welcomed and will be filed at EquiSpace Headquarters.


Kevin said...

Nice! Congrats to the winners. Sorry I missed the boat on this in 2010. Count me in for 2011!

The_Knight_Sky said...

Well done gang.

Congrat to Mr. Bada Bing

didn't he play for the Buffalo Braves - way back when?)

Susan said...

Great job, Tony BB ! And thanks, Geno, love the contests!


SaratogaSpa said...

Congrats to Tony BB, and thanks to Geno for hosting the contests. I can't wait for Toga Party IV.

dana said...

Congrats to Bada Bing and thanks for another year of fun! I've come to accept that I'm the First Dude of the Toga Party, always a game on the board effort but waiting for that break-out performance.... here's to next year!

Tony Bada Bing said...

I am honored to be honored as this year's Toga Party Winner. I can honestly say that it was the biggest win of my Saratoga meet - at the track and on line it just wasn't happening for me. Thanks Geno for taking the time to put this together and giving us a contest worthy of the Saratoga meet. I promise to defend my championship with dignity and grace, although I would love to run a lap around the track...

EquiSpace said...

Kev: We missed the Ghost entry this year.

TKS: Thanks! I think he played for the Pistons. LOL.

Susan: Glad you participated!

Spa: It's a tough crown to defend. Another nice showing!

Dana: always a bridesmaid.... :)

Tony: Great work and fabulous selection of Davidowitz' Betting on Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century! A book that I am currently reading myself.

Thanks to all for making the 3rd edition of this grass roots contest a success.

Ernie said...

"A victory dance (video) of his choice will accompany the winner, or lap around Saratoga Race Course"

How about a lap dance around the inner turf - Melons okay too

That pretty much makes no sense

Kennedy said...

Not that it really matters but I thought I should have 4 points?


EquiSpace said...

KC: I just fired my statistician for the complete oversight of your selection of 1 winner by the 8 horse on 8/8/2010. Good help is tough to find these days.

Good catch. Congrats on the third place finish (the post has been updated for historical purposes), and I appreciate your participation.


Brian Appleton (aka Rail Runner) said...

I think I missed sending my picks to you a couple times unfortunately but it was so much fun!!
Congrats Tony! :)


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