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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everyday is a Winding Road

When I started this blog back in April 2008, I had no idea of the twists and turns that awaited me. Entering the blogosphere was pretty foreign to me. Not knowing the rules (and finding out there really are none), internet protocol or even how to track my own website made the journey all the more interesting. I would learn something new every day. I knew it would be somewhat of a challenge as a new scribe following a niche sport with a smattering of fans across the country, and that I couldn't come close to the way some of the other bloggers could write (run-on sentences found here). Being a relatively new fan at the time, I also didn't have the historical background or know enough about pedigrees to write intelligibly about I did what any blogger would do...I faked it. At the same time though, I read as much as humanly possible to fill in my gaps in history and other idiosyncracies that this game has. I asked the dumb questions and learned as I went. And I still have much to learn.....

But if you told me I'd be able to post articles at the Bloodhorse Blog Stable or cover the Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile last year for the NTRA, I'd tell you you're crazy and to back away slowly. The best thing that this blog has done for me though is connect me with a number of wonderful people who have the same passion as I do. You wouldn't believe the emails I receive offering words of encouragement or asking me to post about something or other or that they enjoyed something that I wrote that had a humorous twist to it. It's funny because a lot of you I've never met in person, but we are connected in cyberspace by this common bond, a love of horse racing.

I'm still not really sure what this blog is (if you do, please let me know), I've maintained all along the notion that I'm doing it for myself and for the sheer enjoyment of sharing my passion with those who want to read my ramblings. I was a little nervous about how I might be perceived by those who know me professionally, but it didn't take long before it became a nice conversation piece and was universally accepted by those who know me in "real life." Of course, the support of an understanding and cool wife (who lets me call her the Space Gal) who shares me with cyberspace makes it all the easier.

So whether you're a blogger pal, a fellow TBA'er a commenter, a Facebook or Twitter friend, someone who links to me, or someone who reads but never comments, I thank you first and foremost for reading and lastly for encouraging me to keep on keepin' on by coming back. If we haven't met, I hope we do someday to share a beer, a laugh, a cigar, or even better to watch a race together. If we have met, I look forward to our next meet up, because I'm pretty sure it'll be at a racetrack (and we all know there's not a better place in the world).

The most current curve in my winding road is something I was completely floored by. About a week ago, Michael Amo, one of those folks who I connected with over a year ago when he was founding the fan group called ThoroFan, called me and asked me to join his Board of Directors. Myself along with the very polished and talented Barry Bornstein will be joining the five person Board, effective immediately. As most of you know, I've been helping them manage the weekly Handicappers' Corner and worked closely with Michael and Niki Rowe (secretary/treasurer) with their tax exempt filing with the IRS, which was successfully obtained last month. So I look forward to continue this journey and love affair I have with racing and to try and help this fledgling organization grow in the future. All you need to do is look at their mission statement below to know that I'm all in....

The mission of the Thoroughbred Racing Fan Association, Inc., (ThoroFan) is to foster the growth of the Thoroughbred racing industry by providing racing fans with an organization that will actively support their interests.

Game on.


Colins Ghost said...

Congrats, Geno! And, thank you...always enjoy reading Equispace. Hope to catch up for a beer before the year is out (Belmont? Churchill?)

SaratogaSpa said...

Congrats, two unlikely Buffalo residents securing nominations- First Carl Paladino, now you!

dana said...

Right on Geno, congrats!!

Amateurcapper said...


Very deserving, congratulations. Being on the front lines to help increase enjoyment of the game is so exciting for you and your fellow board members.


Susan said...

Atta Boy Gene!
Great news that ThoroFan has invited you on board. Your diligence and enthusiasm will be a great contribution to their cause.
Again, Congratulations!

The_Knight_Sky said... I did what any blogger would do...I faked it.

The ol' Statue of Liberty play.

The headline read: Every Day is a Winding Road , so I came here to get my fill of The Beatles.

I've been had. :P

bones said...

OK, you finally got me with that post, all the way back to your N.S. High School Football reporting for the Star News, I knew you were a closet journalist. Great to see you are keeping the sport of horse racing alive, I can't believe we haven't run into each other at Saratoga, being I dedicate a good chunk my August to going there. Hope all is well with you & the family, man we need to get in touch one of these Saratoga seasons, hope to see you soon!

Geno said...

Thanks all for the kind words and being part of my journey!

TKS: You're lucky I didn't post the Sheryl Crow video, but you know me better than that.

BONES!!!! My past has come full circle! Hit me up on Facebook and we'll reconnect next summer or better yet when I come into town for a Board Meeting. Friday Night Lights back in the early 80s...nothin better. Thanks for finally coming clean!

Dan said...

Congratulations Gene. I also serve on a board with Barry and he is a great person so I know the two of you are great additions.


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