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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ahh Preak Out...

I say bring on the drunken hoodlums. Boost attendance, potential fans down the road, loud music, yeah. Just don't barf on me, ok?

The Preakness marketing campaign is getting a lot of PR....good, bad and indifferent (see this blog) around the interwebs. I gave some thought to actually buying an infield ticket with the bottomless mug ($20 additional cost) and after that minute passed by, I decided a seat on the clubhouse turn was just fine, thank you. It's not that I don't like to party (I do), but I have a sneaky suspicion that much mayhem will be ensuing on said infield. What's funny is a lot of people I know my age have told me they've been to the Preakness (in the infield) and had a riot when they were younger and also had fun being at the track. Define riot? So, I dunno, double edged sword, I guess.

The weekend wagering focused on Churchill on Saturday. Where else can you hit three $0.50 Pick-3's in a row and clear $14. Can you say, chalkfest? I know, first you cash the ticket, then you complain about the amount. Not a bad way to spend five hours, in hindsight.

Saw that Hollywood Hit set the track record at Woodbine for 7 furlongs, waxing 2008 Canadian HoTY Fatal Bullet in the process. I was lucky enough to see his 2010 debut a few weeks ago in the Jacques Cartier while visiting my pal Triple Dead Heat. That cat is fast (Hollywood Hit, that is, not Keith).

Can't believe I gave up on Fly Down. In three volumes of the Derby Dozen I was the only one to rank him in the top 12, but dropped him out after the Florida Derby (when it was evident he wouldn't make the Derby gate). But do I play him on Saturday in the Dwyer? What do you think.....

By the way, who peed in Bill Christine's Cheerios?

The Preakness field is taking shape and it looks like it could be a full one (A Little Warm is apparently out and First Dude is in).

After enjoying some handicapping success playing a joint Oaks/Derby double with the master, I am thinking a BES/Preakness Double is in order. Considering the Borel double, I am (channeling inner Yoda voice).


Keith-TripleDeadHeat said...

"That cat is fast (Hollywood Hit, that is, not Keith)."

Hmmph! Once upon a time when I played junior football, the coach timed the whole team running the 40 yard dash. After three weeks of training camp and not one of four QBs capable of throwing a decent longball the coach gave me the position.

"Keith...we've decided to name you the starter as you can run the fastest." The only person more insulted than me by that backhanded compliment was the offensive line. I lasted three games then moved to the slot. As a football player, I made a heckuva placekicker.

And yes - that Hollywood Hit is one fast horse. A shame he missed the Breeders' Cup last year. He would have been devastating on SA pro-ride.

Ernie said...

Borel BES/Preak will be overbet. Borel BES/Preak will probably win. And I have no idea who he's riding in the BES

Andrew said...

"Just don't barf on me, ok?"

Good stuff, what a preakin' gem of a video!

malcer said...

First racing medium I've read which mentions that probably not everyone in the Pimlico infield is a degenerate boozehound and that some of them will indeed become an asset to our sport, despite one or two youtube clips (you know, the kind of clip you can find from Catholic World Youth Day and really every gathering of a five-figure number of young people).
Thanks for that and have a good trip (the vacation I mean, not any bottomless pitcher).


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