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Friday, November 20, 2009

My Dream BC Rotation

So as the anticipation builds (are you holding your breath?) for the Breeders' Cup Committee to release their rotation plan for the next few Cups (or maybe more), I am putting out there my dream rotation and in-depth reasons why. There is much debate on whether pre-setting the lineup makes sense or not. My dream plan rotates a synthetic track in every three to four years, rotates the larger venues more frequently, but adds a "boutique" track every four years also.

Of course 2010 is set in stone at Churchill Downs, so we'll start the dream rotation with 2011.

2011 - Belmont Park. It'll have been six years since the Big Sandy hosted. I remember it well being in Hilton Head on a golf trip in '05 with a few horseballs who skipped a back nine for the start of the Cup.

2012 - Del Mar. One of the "boutique" rotations, but also notching a synthetic track on the rotation. Warm weather, great facility, Southern California knows how to promote it....if they could pull this off it would be tremendous.

2013 - Churchill Downs. Why not? The facility is tremendous, they can pack 'em in and maybe the first ones under the lights? Plus it'll be the big 5-0 for me and a cool trip.

2014 - Aqueduct Racetrack. OK, stop laughing, it should take about 5 years to get the renovations done and since they'll have selected the winning bidder for the VLT's in 2012, it should be good to go in 2014. Hey, I guy can dream, no?

2015 - Keeneland. Let's give a brother a chance. Questions on the capacity and parking could be solved via temporary/infield seating and a shuttle service? It's a great facility and deserves to hold the Cup someday. Boutique/synthetic rotation works too.

2016 - Hialeah Park. Hot damn would that be great or what? Let it Ride, baby.

2017 - Belmont Park. The six year rule would kick in and bring it back to New York, New York.

2018 - Woodbine. Synthetic rotation and I'm only 90 minutes away which is why it had to make the rotation. May have to bring in some large space heaters. Back up plan: Santa Anita. 24 years is a long waiting period.

2019 - Gulfstream Park. Nice Florida weather, Halsey should have the place in ship shape and adding some additional seating on the stretch drive should do the trick. 20 year anniversary of the last GP Cup.

2020 - Santa Anita. Surreal setting, can't go longer than 10 years without a return visit. Great sightlines (20/20 get it?)

That's my ten year plan with some serious speculation regarding a couple of the venues...whaddya think?


Steve Munday said...

That's a pretty good rotation. The BC can be used to showcase some of racing's great tracks like Keeneland and Del Mar. Especially like the idea of having the Cup at Hialeah Park. It would be a dream come true if they could get that majestic facility into suitable shape to hold a premiere thoroughbred racing event.

I've been around racing awhile but the term "horseballs" is a new one for me.

EquiSpace said...

Thanks Steve! I had fun writing this one up, but it was tricky to stay with my basic theories.

You've never played horseball?? LOL.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Frank said...

Some good thoughts, but... if you wanna scare away the Euros, holding it in Fla. is definitely the way to do it -- too dang hot!

Also... Aqueduct?!?! Are you out of yer f'in mind? Is the state prison not available?

And, hey, how 'bout a little love for Old Hilltop!

EquiSpace said...

Hey Frank!

C'mon now...we want the US to rule so obviously the 2 Fla sites were meant for home field advantage.

AQU was totally tongue in cheek (see VLT snark)....but seriously PIM...I wouldn't walk your dog in that neighborhood. LOL

Thanks for stopping by!

Handride said...

This is why they aren't asking @Equispace to submit a resume to the BC :-P

1 - Churchill
2 - Belmont
3 - Arlington
4 - Small Venue

Rinse and repeat until Hialeah can be made a permanent home.

EquiSpace said...

Handride: Funny.

Notice how I left off MTH (glub, glub) clothes are still drying off..

Steve Munday said...

Learn something new everyday. Silly me, I thought "horseball" was either a term you called your friends who were crazy about horse racing; or a culinary delicacy.

Re: Old Hilltop - Almost got mugged there in '03 day before the Preakness. Made the mistake of parking in surrounding neighborhood instead of the lot. After a serious scare I was muttering to myself like Chef from "Apocalypse Now" - instead of "never get out of the boat" I kept saying "never get out of the parking lot."

Pimlico is still a sentimental favorite.

Ian Lozada said...

If you think Monmouth had to resort to some creative shuttling to handle parking, Keeneland would be ten times worse. There's not much around here other than the airport that's going to be able to provide supplemental parking on that side of town. And the way AQU has sold off its parking fields, it's in the same boat.

I'd rather go back to Monmouth than any number of these tracks, by the way.

Otherwise, you can make the rotation Belmont and Churchill exclusively as far as I'm concerned. The last two Breeders Cups never happened, you hear me?

EquiSpace said...

Ian: Good points, I think KEE probably would be limited in attendance anyway as I did experience the joy of parking there last April. AQU was totally a tongue-in-cheek poke at the VLT situation....I would easily replace with MTH, who just caught a bad break with the weather in 07.

Regarding your OSA denial, I can't help you there. :P

Anonymous said...

Anything but a permanent spot at a synthetic track. Let the synthetic horses have their own Pro Ride Classic series at Santa Anita, if they like. As far as "US rule" goes, if you want that you better start typing away on your blogs. The European press is running pieces on US "isolation" as we speak. And it seems that too many in racing just get a "warm, tingly feeling running up and down their leg" from the lofty overseas press.

Anonymous said...

Another synthetic shot fired by the foriegn press. The link is at Equidaily- All Weather Surface Will Make The World Cup A True Test, by Laura King at Khaleej Times Online. She's hinting at a European takeover this year and laments that the BC will be run at Chuchill.

Zenyatta . . . we might be needing you in Dubai . . .

suebroux said...

Spaceman, I posted my comments on the BH article. Thanks for writing a very good thought-provoking commentary!

Nick said...

im 90 minutes away from Woodbine also, but i thought after 13 yrs(maybe IT IS an unlucky number) that the B.C. would have made a return visit, i just couldnt wait another 9 yrs for a return to a facility that is ready to host it again NOW!!!!....trackman

EquiSpace said...

Anons: Thanks for pointing me to those articles...very interesting.

Sue: Thanks for your comment over at BH and for the kind words. I need to get to Lone Star some's on the list.

Nick: I don't disagree, I would prefer not to make any long trips myself.

Thanks for reading!!

Ernie said...

A streak of excellent posts

You should follow your boy to Japan.


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