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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Apologies for going a tad off topic today. Things have been a little lean around these parts since the early to mid nineties as far as our NFL franchise goes. As a season ticket holder and loyal fan for over 22 years, I think we've hit rock bottom. The past 10 years since the jaw-dropping homerun throwback in Nashville have been pure torture from a fan's perspective. We're through four coaches since then and nary a winning or playoff season. Unfortunately the town lives and dies by this team's fortunes (or should I say misfortunes) and it has been calling for Jauron to be fired since last season. Looking past a potential new coach, is the looming possibility of the team moving out of town. The current 91 year old owner (and horseman) Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. has kept his word in keeping the team in Buffalo, but once his inevitable passing occurs, his instructions to his heirs are to sell the team. My guess is that the team will end up in LA, a large television market with a new stadium that is currently in the works. A shame really, but the economics of the matter is where the end game lies, and looking in the mirror, this town can no longer support an NFL franchise. The likes of Jerry Jones have changed the landscape and face it, trying to sell luxury boxes and personal seat licenses in a blue collar town, just isn't going to cut it economically for the price that someone will have to pay ($800 mil?) to buy it from the Wilson estate. So, I guess I'll just enjoy them while they're still here and not complain about the front office or coaching staff, cuz we're lucky to have a team here when it's all said and done.

I've been reading a lot about the late Bobby Frankel (RIP) on the interwebs and it seems that most folks are on one end of the spectrum or the other (loved him or hated him). The story that he missed a race for his sick dog though tells a lot about what he must have been about. Too bad he couldn't have gone out a winner (Ventura) in the Breeders' Cup, but his last entrant at Hollywood Park actually won!

I dabbled a little on Friday night at Hollywood Park and set a personal record winning six straight bets on the first five races (including two trifectas betting less than $3 on each). That's one I'll probably never top. The streak was halted after one win at Aqueduct on Sunday afternoon (while trying to stomach the aforementioned football team) at seven. Not bad, eh?

Top Chef Final Five tonight....will my boy Eli hang on to make the Final Four in Napa and keep some bragging rights alive with the Saratoga Resident. Fingers crossed in the Space Station. Stay tuned. Check here for a preview of tonight's epi.



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