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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sidebar

Anyone else sick of the Horse of the Year debate? Well you won't be finding any 4,500 word posts here discussing the merits of the two fine horses that completed fantastic campaigns in 2009. I almost posted a poll asking if anyone cares who wins HoTY....yes or no....but why add another poll on HoTY when there are 2,000 polls that are already out there? So here's some helpful hints to guide the voters in the soon to be historic (LOL) vote to be televised on a satellite station near you during peak racing season (January). Of course, if you want real data you can find Railbird's tale of the tape here which makes it pretty clear who the winner is, in this non-voter's eyes, which is what I based the 400 votes I have made so far on other blogs.

The chalk eating weasel will be chiming in with his pick. Looks like herring is going to go up another vote.

Don't follow horse racing? You can always vote for Pedro.

Word's out that Summer Bird is running a dirty campaign.

If you're not sure of the protocol for Horse of the Year voting, you can look it up in here.

Will there be an East Coast bias?

Or a West Coast bias?

Do not be distracted when voting because stupid is what stupid does....

When in can never go wrong voting for Beer.


whatworks said...

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suebroux said...

Entertaining, Spaceman! I'm thinking that I'll have to lift some of this content next November for the Texas gubernatorial elections - especially given the fact that the Kay Bailey Hutch campaign is spamming me to attend the Great Dick Cheney Endorsement Festival (or something like that) ... yeesh

EquiSpace said...

Thanks Sue!

The Turk said...

Good stuff Geno, Good Stuff!


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