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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

EscapedFromNewYork: The Movie

His nickname is Snake. No, not the guy to the left who starred in the movie, Escape from New York. But the thoroughbred, EscapedFromNewYork, who when I first met him back in April in Lexington, was unnamed.

I was reminded of the rescue from the Paragallo farm in upstate New York earlier this week, when Snake, as he is fondly now called, was featured in a New York Times article by the veteran writer, Joe Drape, discussing how he has found a home at the Old Friends Retirement haven for retired racehorses in Georgetown, Kentucky.

We were fortunate enough to be visiting Old Friends that day and we happened to have our video recorder with us. We captured some "exclusive video" of the horse coming off the trailer and setting his hooves down in the Bluegrass for the first time. It was quite a moment, and you'll see in the video below the joy of executive director, Michael Blowen, and the subsequent "greeting" he receives from Creator in the background, one of the "leaders" of the retirement horses.

Here he is on April 23, 2009, making his grand appearance at Old Friends....



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