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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rolling through Farch

You know Farch, the time of year when February and March kinda blend together here on the East Coast. The Space Gal and I. after a few cocktails, thought we could create a new holiday to be celebrated every February 29th honoring Farch. We figured we could throw a bash to benefit some charitable organization. The key word there was "after a few cocktails." We did help organize a party last year, but the organizers freaked out when I had the inset ad put in a local rag, as they thought too many people would show up. She was wrong and the party sucked. Maybe we'll resurrect it in another 3 years. Anyways, I thought I'd share after watching the prep races and the weather drop 30 degrees yesterday after a quick thaw. Happy Farch.

It sure was nice watching the sunshine at Gulfstream and Santa Anita today thinking it sure would be nice being there to enjoy it. I'll bet Quality Road moves up on a few lists this week, even though he's not nominated to the Triple Crown (why wouldn't his connections nominate him.., isn't that puzzling?). He had one lone solitary vote in the Paulick Derby Index through week two, which appears to have been a vote during week one as none of the pollsters listed QR in last week's top ten. Hmm. No sight him of over at the experts at which features four writers. I did note that Beethoven was charging late and will need to watch it again to see if we can make more of this as the race was shortened to a mile...

On the other coast, the chalk was the story as the big grapefruit, The Pamplemousse, romped home over east coast shipper Take the Points, thwarting Garret Gomez from taking his fifth victory of the day. Shouldn't the grapefruit be running in Florida? Anyways, the big question will be whether he can handle the real stuff come Derby Day. He can handle the Pro-Ride without question as he put this field away pretty handily. It appears he and Pioneerof the Nile are not on a collision course as the P will probably point to the SA Derby and PotN is slated to go in the San Felipe (G2) in two weeks. Ah, how the synth plays a factor in reading this Derby puzzle.

Kobe screwed me last night with his beautiful 10-31 shooting performance.....I was sitting with 10 straight wins in ESPN's Streak for the Cash ($1M if you select 27 straight) Lakers selection ended my best skein to date. Geoff Ogilvy picked me back up this afternoon with 2 good thing about this contest is you can pick 4 games/day on the weekends and maybe 3 during the week. It's damn hard though...oh well. That's why they call it gambling.


teeshirtsoup said...

Happy Farch to you guys, and to Space Lad

Amateurcapper said...

The P and PIONEER will meet...the San Felipe will be PIONEER's final SA Derby prep.


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