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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Derby Future Pool #1 opens up tomorrow and runs through Sunday. The past performances are now available and can be found here. Betting into the first pool is risky as so much can happen between now and the First Saturday in May, injuries, non-qualifiers, etc. Last year's Pool #1 did not include Big Brown, thus the All Other 3yo category was the winning bet at 3-1. He also was excluded from Pool #2 and the All Other category paid 6-1 (not bad)....he was included in Pool #3 and ended up being the favorite and paid out at 3-1. This year's Pool #2 will be the weekend of March 12-15 and Pool #3 is slated for April 2-5.

In a new twist, during the second pool wagering, a Derby Exacta Future will be offered at a $2 minimum bet. I give them credit for trying to come up with a new idea to try and generate some early betting interests on the Road to the Roses.

Looking at the morning lines, there are some interesting lines to start out... Old Fashioned and Capt. Candyman Can the morning line favorites at 10-1. All Other 3yos starts out at 5-2 and will be a line to watch. Filly Stardom Bound is included in the Future Pool at 12-1. I'll take a peek at the odds sometime Sunday afternoon before the pools close to see if anything interests me. I'm a Chocolate Candy (50-1) and Big Drama (30-1) fan, but either would be purely a sentimental selection.

Speaking of the Road to the Roses, the TBA has a league set up, join up with the info you can find here. As of tonight, there are 25 entrants in our league, including yours truly. Join today.

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Wind Gatherer said...

Future pool is a sucker bet.

Where do I sign up?


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