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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday Silence

No lead picture today. First time ever. In memory of Wanderin Boy who broke down in the Cigar yesterday. So much for my sitting down last night to watch the race replays and enjoying the day's races DVR-style, after the fact without knowing the outcomes. Unfortunately, I knew what was going to happen. I knew something bad was happening when I got a return-text from Alan of the Bug Boys that there was an injury earlier in the day in the filly stakes race (Springside who won) and that it was a somber day at the Big A. Later in the evening, I received a Facebook message from him with the awful news of the break down in the Cigar. Sucks to be a racing fan sometimes. I can't sum it up any better than that. Ernie Munick sent out a message to the TRNY Facebook group today that I just kept nodding my head at in agreement (even the dog stuff hit home). He was spot on.

Geez, and all I did yesterday was take my children to see Madagascar 2, and all hell breaks loose? First, the tough day at the Big A (see recaps here and here) including a tough beat for Harlem Rocker (give Edgar an Oscar) being DQ'd in the feature for allegedly shutting off Tale of Ekati at the rail. That freakin' horse wins when I count him out and loses went I am all over him. Whatever, I'm done with him. Of course all my tickets blew up, too (I thought Sky Diva was a lock). Then, I read this morning on the Paulick Report that the NHC self-proclaimed "Biggest Handicapping Challenge Ever" went bust, yep, the one with the $250 entry fee. Travis Stone, racecaller at Louisiana Downs (among other places) had bought two entries and I had looked forward to reading his insight and strategy playing two cards. It appears the computer system went down (ala Derby Day) in the middle of the contest and all entries had to be refunded. Can you say embarrassed? I wonder how they make that right for the people leading the contest?? Talk about losing an Think someone in IT will be looking for work on Cyber Monday?

Anyways, I didn't plan on posting this morning as I'm headed out to the stadium to see the 49ers enjoy our winter weather and see if our Bills can make something out of the last day of the holiday weekend that went south yesterday. *pulling on long johns*

RIP Wanderin Boy, you may have been second in a lot of big races, but you had the respect of the racing brethren with your grit and determination. May you be on a handride in the big oval in the sky.



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