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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pass the Stuffing...

As I head to the ‘Cuse tomorrow afternoon for a huge family reunion and the big Virginia game on Friday night, I thought I’d reflect on some things I’m thankful for over the past year:

- I’m thankful for the Space Gal, first and foremost, as she puts up with my crazed obsession and passion for this awesome sport.

- I’m thankful to the Saratoga Resident who always has me in the best seat in the house and in the paddock for the big race. Thanks, my man! (However, you’re going down in our Top Chef Capping Challenge)

- I’m thankful to the Puma for his monthly tips and his always passing by good racing information when he sees it and for his data/news on NY-breds.

- I’m thankful I had the opportunity to see Commentator set the track record at Gulfstream in January.

- I’m thankful for being accepted into the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance and for the many friends and contacts I have made there. I’m glad I took a chance at starting this hobby (it’s a lot more work than I ever thought it would be) and I’m humbled to be a part of it all.

- I'm thankful for Old Friends and the great work they are doing for retired racehorses and proud that the members of the TBA sponsor this great endeavor.

- I’m thankful that I got to attend the Belmont Stakes to see a potential Triple Crown race, even if it didn’t happen and that I was able to share the weekend with great people like the Toga Rez (his hip hop name), the Puma and handicapper extraordinaire JB.

- I’m thankful I was able to experience Fort Erie Race Track before its potential closing, especially getting to see Harlem Rocker win the Prince of Wales and spending my birthday in the Terrace.

- I’m thankful for the safe trips to Saratoga, while trying for a 3:59.

- I’m thankful for Opening Day at the Spa, despite the deluge this year.

- I’m thankful I had the opportunity to enjoy a Sunday morning workout at the Oklahoma training track, coolest thing ever, the day after the thrilling stretch duel between Proud Spell and Music Note (maybe the best race of the year).

- I’m thankful to DRF Press for continually putting out great books for me to delve into.

- I’m thankful that Mr. Jackson ran Curlin for his 4yo campaign and for giving it a try in the Classic.

- I’m thankful that I was able to compete in a NHC handicapping contest qualifier in Vegas and spend four days in the sports book at the Mirage during my September trip, both experiences were tremendous.

- I’m thankful they all came home safe on Breeders Cup weekend.

- Lastly, I’m thankful for everyone who reads this blog, hopefully it conjures up a smile or belly laugh every once in a while.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


Handride said...

What about joining the TBA

EquiSpace said...

Very thankful (see 5th bullet). :)

Handride said...

oh man i'm a jerk, i half read it, got busy at work and finished the second half later. i skipped it. really, i'm a jerk

SaratogaSpa said...

Nice Recap of the Year-brought back good memories all the good horses I was lucky enough to see in person this year-Commentator, Curlin, Big Brown, Music Note, Ginger Punch, Proud Spell, Colonel John--its fun to think about. I know some people think this sport is just about gambling, but the sporting aspect always pulls me in and keeps me in.

EquiSpace said...

Patrick: Ain't no a chicken wing. Happy Turkey Day.

SarSpa: Couldn't agree with ya more...have a great holiday.

Kerry said...


EquiSpace said...

Kerry: I have to admit you had me stumped, but after I turned on my auditing skills, super sleuth that I am figured out you were referring to the Wahoos using a nickname of a nickname. Very clever! Go Orange!! PS I won't be the guy with his face painted orange. ;)

Anonymous said...

Kerry -

I bet he'll have his face painted. He said the same thing at his first Penn State game, and all it took was some beer and a cheerleader with face paint. Next thing you know he was covered in paw prints. LOL.

- Space Gal

Anonymous said...

EquiSpace -

You're lucky you put me first on the list. :)

- Your biggest fan

PS - Enough with all the links within links. Some of us work for a living. ;)


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