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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

O...H...Oh No!

As a big OSU-hater (no choice when married to a Penn Stater), today's an Ohio bashing day. Sorry any Ohio State marching band i-dotters, but you're in the news and I can't help myself today.

First off, we hear that the Ohio Racing Commission has 160 racing days less scheduled for 2009 as reported by Tom LaMarra's Blood-Horse article on Saturday. He states that:

"Winter racing at Beulah Park was plowed under and the spring/summer meet at River Downs went up in flames Nov. 21 when the Ohio State Racing Commission awarded 2009 dates that represent a loss of more than 160 days of Thoroughbred racing at the two tracks."

Wow, that sucks.

Then it's reported that the wrong horse started and won the 4th race at Beulah last Wednesday! How does this happen??? According to the DRF story:

"The horse who was entered in the race by trainer Enzo Canelo is named Valid Action. Another horse in Canelo's stable, however, Purdy Tricky, ran in the race and won it, paying $8.60. Beulah's track identifier failed to catch the mix-up before the race."

Holy Jim Marshall, Batman....

And last, but certainly not least, it's not only horse racing in Ohio that is bringing out their best, the next story emerges from the NBA and Cleveland, Ohio. There must be something in the water, as an Cleveland Cav fan/blogger called out a Yahoo! Sports basketball writer with a Neo-Nazi-type threat and the basketball writer actually called (yes, he dialed the dude up) and basically asked him to step outside. Hello rabbit ears (that used to drive the refs nuts btw). I guess us horse bloggers play nice in comparison to our hoops compadres...


Valerie said...

My brother-in-law, who lives and works along the West Virginia-Ohio-Pennsylvania border, places Ohioans at the bottom of the tri-state totem pole.

His special name for Ohioans? FIFOs (F**king Idiots From Ohio).

Geno said... an accountant I surely can appreciate FIFO...

Keith - TripleDeadHeat said...

That's an awesome story about the wrongly entered horse...there would be quite the uproar had he come roaring home at 50-1!


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