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Monday, November 24, 2008

Colts Next Door

I was watching SNF last night in bed, hoping Colts QB Peyton Manning would stop throwing one yard touchdowns against my fantasy team, so I would stop cursing my season that was slowly slipping into purgatory. After being scolded by the Space Gal she gave me that smirk I usually give her. I asked her what the deal was? She replied that she wanted to watch a show and that I'd enjoy it too since it had to do with the Kentucky Derby. Bring it on, I said! Well after turning over the clicker (with much trepidation, especially on a Sunday night) she stated that I was in for a treat. Hmmm...what could it be......?

E! television network's Girls Next Door Sunday night episode was Hef and the girls going to the Kentucky Derby. I actually laughed out loud thinking this should be good and could be pretty funny. They spent the first ten minutes making hats (Holly, really...My Little Ponies?) and playing a prank on one of the elder ladies in the group. The Space Gal picked up right away on the fancy hat box of the shop in Saratoga where she has frequented on occasion (Anne Sawyer - Fabulous as the hat you wear). Anyhow the episode goes through the celebrity parties, the big bash at the Barnstable Brown gala ("the place to be seen at the Derby"), etc. Kendra, who is dating (?) Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett, is probably the funniest (dumbest) of them all during the episode, here are some good "quotes" from a pop culture blogger. They find themselves in the Turf Terrace on Derby Day and Holly bets a G on Pyro, Hef and Bridget bet on Big Brown and Kendra changes her mind after spending the day touting BB and bets on Court Vision, only to go down in flames.

Celebrity cameos from Smokey Robinson, Nick Lachey, the New England Patriots and grimy guys trying to horn in on the party. High comedy indeed. Hef says about fifteen words during the entire show, the most meaningful about not wanting to wear a tie. Hef buys them all a $1,000 mint julep benefitting the Secretariat Foundation and retired horses, nice touch. However, nobody likes the bourbon (except Hef, of course). No mention of the Eight Belles breakdown, but the racing action and scenes in the paddock were pretty good.

Well, there's 30 minutes I'll never get back.



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