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Thursday, June 5, 2008

PETA's At It Again

PETA's Ingrid Newkirk, is at it again. These folks just don't give up. In a letter dated today to NYRA Steward Braulio Baeza, Jr. "on behalf of PETA's more than 2 million members and supporters-and concerned people everywhere" she urges him "to ensure that Big Brown is protected from legal and illegal drug abuse and that he is truly fit to run in Saturday's Belmont Stakes." Huh? Protected from legal drugs? What is she smoking? Hey, I'm a concerned person and I certainly don't need her representing me!

The letter continues that Eight Belles' death in the Kentucky Derby "has alerted the nation to the racing industry's "secrets"-massive drugging and daily catastrophic injuries." Man, when these folks bite down, they just don't release! Further, Ms. Newkirk, starts on Dicky Dutrow and his doping suspensions and urges that Baeza "can assure the public-that nothing illegal is done." Well, umm, that's his job isn't it?

The classic line however is this one: "Consider, too, that another breakdown at a Triple Crown race might very well finish off the horse racing industry." Memo to Ingrid: Congress is already involved. Settle down.

So, in her conclusion she "asks the stewards to act in the best interests of all and 1) put Big Brown under a 48-hour security watch before the Belmont Stakes, and 2) bring in one or more equine veterinarians unaffiliated with Belmont Park and Richard Dutrow to examine Big Brown and render an opinion on his fitness." Wow. Guess when the NY Racing and Wagering Board shot her letter down last week, she didn't get the message. My bet is that NYRA will state, we have policies and rules (and detention barns) that handle these issues, relax and enjoy the race.

1 Comment:

SaratogaSpa said...

Finish off racing, does she look at the total handle (ie rack track betting, otb parlors, internet, simulcasting ) etc. As long as we continue to bet on these animals, they will be racing. Sorry Peta.


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