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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm gonna be a part of york...

All safe in the Big Apple after the nine hour train ride that went smooth as can be....I think I completed most of my ten things to do (a couple folks e-mailed me an 11th, but not fit to print here and not attempted...). The funniest thing was sitting with a couple of friends at the Campbell Apartment last night and my pal told the Space Gal that the Hills is definitely scripted, started an all-out verbal war about reality television.....high comedy.

So while having an awesome omelet at Maxie's at 49th and 7th this morning and reading the Daily News, my horoscope caught my eye...

"If you've been researching prices (hmmm) and market values on a particular product, you just could get a bargain this weekend. Different things in life make different people happy. Whether you're spending money on something useful or frivolous (haha), if it makes you happy, that's all that matters. Don't worry about what others say or think. This is a decision you have to make."

Couldn't sum things up better and a nice way to start the day.

The big news is the scratch of Casino Drive for today's Belmont. Yep, he stepped on a rock. Oh well, he was out of my mix nonetheless, but now we'll see the prices of Denis of Cork and Tale of Ekati come down as the probable second and third choices. My sentimental choice (is there a race for first?) is Ready's Echo, who I projected Thursday to complete the superfecta, is more and more intriguing (and Dick Powell is on that bandwagon also in yesterday's very funny post!). I've heard a ton of rumors regarding the quarter crack, who knows who to believe...maybe he'll pull a Willis Reed (this is New York) and hobble out and put away the championship in dramatic fashion...

"Reed stayed in the locker room when the teams went out for pregame practice. He was given shots of carbocaine and cortisone. His leg was supposed to be numbed and stay that way. And five minutes before the game began, he came shuffling out. He was dragging the right leg behind him. (Wilt) Chamberlain and Keith Erickson looked at each other and smiled. Then the game began and Willis may be the first guy ever to win for a team by merely showing up."

It should be a fun day handicapping, watching SIX graded stakes races (!) being with friends, and hopefully seeing history. Here's to a great day!

Picture courtesy: © Cindy Pierson Dulay



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