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Friday, May 30, 2008

PETA Asks NY Racing Board to Examine Big Brown

PETA is sticking it's nose in the regulatory business once again. In a press release located at the PETA website, they sent a letter to the New York State Racing and Wagering Board "asking for an independent panel of veterinarians to examine the horse to determine if he is fit to run in the upcoming Belmont Stakes."

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk was quoted in the release that "Trainers and owners have already proved that they care more about prestige and money than they do about horses' safety. The New York Racing and Wagering Board is obligated to make sure that Big Brown doesn't meet the same fate as Eight Belles." Sorry Ingrid, no they don't.

NYRWB's response was a letter back to PETA telling them that it is up to the track vet and the racing stewards to make sure EACH AND EVERY horse that takes the track is sound to race, based on a State law already in place. The track vet has a responsibility to notify the racing stewards of an infirmary and it would then be the steward's ultimate responsibility to prohibit a horse from taking the track due to physical soundness.

I would think this would apply whether a horse was running at Finger Lakes in a $5K claimer or in the Belmont Stakes. It just goes to show they keep showing their ignorance by issuing these types of moronic requests without any knowledge of the law or industry practice. The fact that they talk about that his hoof "could take months to heal" shows even more their lack of knowledge when it comes to equine care.

1 Comment:

Power Cap said...

PETA are such attention hounds. They know that the Belmont is going got be one of the most watched sports events of the year and they are on it like white on rice. Like a parasite they latch on to the momentum if the event and use it to push their agenda.

In some sick way they are hoping that a horse breaks down somewhere on the Belmont Stakes card so they can say I told you so. If everyone and every horse goes back to the barn safe they look foolish and their agenda loses momentum.

What about the millionaire Nashobas Key from California who broke her leg in a paddock accident? I do not see any comment from PETA about that. I guess there is no one to blame so it does not fit the agenda.


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