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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wrist Slap

The New York State Racing and Wagering Board obviously didn't take any lessons from the nuns from my St. Rose of Lima (see knuckle scars). They handed out a measly seven day suspension to trainer Jeff Mullins in addition to a $2,500 fine. This is basically a slap on the wrist "as a result of his administering the medication Air Power to Gato Go Win prior that colt's scheduled start in the Grade 3 Bay Shore Stakes at Aqueduct on April 4." Sounds like they took a page out from the NCAA Sanctioning Committee on this one. Right when the industry can take a stand, and NTRA CEO bantering around about his Safety & INTEGRITY Alliance, this is the penalty that is doled out? Chicken change for a high powered trainer. Reduced from 15 days because of Mullins waived his right of appeal, it will be served starting the first Sunday in May, and will not deter a whole helluva lot from any of his training time of potential Derby favorite I Want Revenge. Basically it's like suspending a pitcher for a game when he's not pitching. Whatever. It's par for the course.

I watched the stakes races from Charles Town last night on my TwinSpires TV account and there were some great races to watch. I started with the sixth, as Western NY-based Bella Cavello Stables (and EquiSpace favorite) La Chica Rica was racing in a $55K Opequan Handicap and she fared very well finishing second behind Savethebestforlass with Gerald Almodovar riding his fourth winner of the night. It was nice seeing the big name jockeys like Prado, Johnny V, Castellano and Julien Leparoux showing up to ride for some big stakes money. Commentator petered out going around 3 turns in the Classic, which was won by my DRF Public Handicapper choice Researcher (and track record holder) who held off 27-1 Ea (dumbest name in racing) in the stretch to capture $600K. It was a fun watching the night races on the short track and seeing the big names at CT. No Big Chuck sightings, however.

Looks like Pletcher found his last place finisher yesterday in the Lexington, ironically, last year's Mr. Irrelevant, Monba, runs today at Keeneland in the Ben Ali Stakes. Nice call by Hank, by the way. (hey, I give props when props are deserved)

Gomez picks PoTN over Dunkirk. I think it's a big mistake. Speadsheet to follow.

With all the pirate stuff going on, I've been unusually quiet (as you all know my love of the pirate), but Space Gal informs me that the 2009 Northern California Pirate Festival is on tap in Vallejo, California in June, sounds like a hoot. If you're a twitterer, good laughs daily at Somali_Pirate. Know why the pirate couldn't get into the movie? Answer here.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't actually surprised that Gomez went with POTN. Maybe if this is another case of the jockey going with the wrong horse, it bodes well for Dunkirk!

The post parade for the Ben Ali is on right now...Going to go watch this race!

Gene Kershner said...

Hey Elizabeth: Me neither, but now Prado's got the mount on a very dangerous horse...

Ben Ali: Parading!!! Pick 3!!!

Thanks for reading!

Jessica said...

What wouldn't have been a wrist slap?

Gene Kershner said...

Jessica: Jeremy Rose received a six month suspension for a whip incident. They should have made an example of him and hit him where it hurts...his wallet through a long term suspension. Where's the deterrant in a week long suspension and $2500? Just my opinion, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

Believe the max fine in NYS is $5k

Not much of a deterrent for anybody

Hit the cheaters where it hurts and they might learn a lesson - RAISE THE FINES

Get the cheaters out of the game and maybe(BIG maybe)casual fans won't scoff at horseracing, and maybe blogs like your previous one won't have to point out how incredibly pathetic television coverage is outside of ONE day every May.

G. Rarick said...

Total wrist slap for Mullins, and I just LOVE the quote on the NYRA press release that says "Mullins is learning the hard way that there are tough consequences for not being more familiar with the rules of New York." Wow, that's tough, New York, Yeah, I'm REAL scared.

Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

A fine that small makes it worth the risk...what was the purse of the race again?

I think Gomez picked correctly. All those graded wins over a horse who hasn't won much. I can't second guess that at all!

We'll know soon enough!

Gene - Are you going to opening day at the Fort? It's Derby Day.


paceman said...

If Gomez wants the best shot to win the Derby, he chooses Dunkirk. If he wants to show his loyalty to the connections that brought him 4 graded stakes wins, he goes with POTN. If this indeed was the case, it shows a little class. Clearly, Ron Anderson, his agent had a lot to do with this decision. POTN won't finish on the board.

paceman said... this blog! Just found it.

Gene Kershner said...

Anon 10:25PM: I believe you are correct that the max fine is $5K per instance.

Gina: Scared straight?

Keith: I respectfully disagree, but you are entitled to your opinion...won't be going to the Fort opening day, but propose we do home and home with Queen's Plate at WO and Prince of Wales at FE.

Paceman: Thanks for the kind comments and for landing in the Space Station!

Thanks all for reading.

Unknown said...

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