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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So it's almost here....pre-entries for the Breeders' Cup World Championships will be released at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. So what the heck have we been doing in the meantime anticipating the release of the pre-entry PP's and wondering who looks to make the cut list as the Turk comes to roost (not that Turk)?

(By the way, the old Anticipation commercial by Heinz ranks up there as one of my favorite jingles ever....if you were wondering.)

In case you've been wondering where I've been over the last's are the top 10 things I've been up to while eagerly awaiting pre-entry day and Breeders' Cup betting...

1) Riding the E-Train.  Follow these tips and you'll be sure to be prepared for BC day.

2) Selling worldly possessions to load up the ADW. Bills-Skins tickets in Toronto. Sold.  See ya tickets, hello ADW. (Sold em on twitter, too)

3) Impulse purchase of Horse Race Analyzer on e-Bay. Eavesdropping on a Turk Facebook chat about the old Mattel Electronics contraption peaked my interest. Next thing you know I'm a proud owner of one of these bad boys. $19.99.  Feels like I was watching a late night info-mercial and couldn't resist. Purchased for the memorabilia angle. (yeah right).

4) Watch Charismatic on YouTube. I missed the premier episode as I was away at a business meeting in cozy Ellicottville with my business partners, so I was forced to watch it on YouTube. After buffering it took about 2 1/2 hours to watch the 5 part documentary on You Tube. Now that's a really devoted (or really dumb) fan. It was an interesting documentary, before commenting I think I'll read "Three Strides From the Wire" before casting judgment.

5) Go on Wagering Hiatus. Took a much needed breather from the track. Went dark since being at Woodbine. TVG blackout. The three week break should keep it fresh for next weekend we ascend on Louisville.

6) Watch the World Series. It's actually been a highly entertaining Series so far. I have no real rooting interest other than hoping for highly entertaining close games that don't let me go to bed until after midnight. I like the Cardinals chances to bring it to seven. There's nothing like a 7th game.

7) Notch my 1,000th Twitter follower. Thanks @UttoxeterRaces, a race course in Staffordshire for putting me over the hump. The Saratoga Resident gives me a hard time..."Are you tweeting?" is one of his favorite questions while cocktailing together. Or "You're not that interesting." It's good to have friends that put things in perspective.

8) Plot my strategy for Top Chef - Dallas. I am the defending pool champ, you know.

9) Download the BC 11 iPad/iPhone apps. Check and check.

10) Write Blog #600.  You're reading it....and I thank you for reading. Less than 24 hours to the pre-entries. The anticipation is killing me.

Giddy up.


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