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Monday, September 5, 2011

Space Gal Takes Down Toga Party IV

In the "I'll never hear the end of it" department, this one takes the cake.

My lovely wife (aka The Space Gal) took down Toga Party IV leaving no prisoners capturing six of the 15 possible points with her nearest competitors only having four points to show for themselves.

She did it the old fashioned way by nailing three of the five stakes races (two by Stay Thirsty), added Pletcher/Velazquez (pretty much gimmes) and missing the jockey wins by 1. Overall very impressive. She decided to pass accepting the top prize (a handicapping book of her choice or a Bills game in December) since she has access to both and decided that she wanted her own guest blog to share some of her contest secrets for earning the victory. I'm betting most of it is from hanging around me or osmosis since we share pillows at night....she may beg to differ though.

Second place ended in a tie between me (damn that Castellano) and 2009 champion Saratoga Spa, both of us garnering 4 wins buoyed by the 8/8/11 win by one #8 horse (it's a lock every year).

Some of this year's notable contest feats:
- Kennedy nailed the trainer wins on the nose with 38.
- Tencentcielo was the only one to select Royal Delta in the Alabama
- The Space Gal was the lone backer of Stay Thirsty in the Travers
- Josh of Polish Numbers missed the $2 Woodward exacta by a buck.
- Yours truly guessed the opening day attendance within 30 peeps.

I hope everyone enjoyed the ride, it was a fun contest to keep an eye on again this year with record participation. I thank all of you for taking the time to participate and look forward to next year.

I think I am going to tweak a couple of items. If you nail any of the numerical items (other than the #8 horse) I'm going to double the points. In addition, I think I'll make the leading jockey earner's dollar amount the tie-breaker. If you have any other thoughts feel free to let me know in the comments.

Thanks again and look for the (unedited) winner's guest blog in this spot tomorrow.

1 Comment:

dana said...

Thanks for another fun year! I like the new ideas, I kept thinking there was a race selection on final weekend (not that I would have hit any of them), might be a nice last minute point boost. Either way, I always look forward to it!


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