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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Closing One Chapter, Opens Another

I can't tell you how many times in my life I've been asked if I'm related to Uncle Don (I'm not, different spelling), but I do remember his late night Rock Concerts during my youth. He unfortunately passed away yesterday at age 76 due to heart failure. It seems like a lot of folks from my childhood have been passing away in the past few months, we're just getting older I guess...and when one chapter closes, another opens.

We finally can close the Zenyatta chapter (she got the quan), the mare who has dominated the racing scene over the past two years. She really was not a factor in 2008, as Big Brown and Curlin were the horses grabbing the main headlines. Which goes to show you that another horse will step up in the next nine or ten months to grab our fancy......

Some thoughts and notes on last night's affair and whatnot....

- I'll apologize ahead of time, and I'll probably be skewered for this, but Marylou Whitney didn't impress me to the extent that others seem to be gushing all over her. To be honest, she reminded me of Lovey Howell who just finished her tea and crumpets. Ok, she said some nice things about the backstretch workers and taking care of the horses, I get it, but something just rubbed me the wrong way about her....maybe it's the blueblood, political connectivity thing....oh well, you know what they say about opinions.

- Now Omar Moreno did impress me. When he said "this is the best day of my life" I thought it was coming from the heart and I felt good for the kid. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

- Can we dump Kenny Rice as emcee (I called the brutal jokes, by the way)? Here's a vote for Jeannine Edwards or even Jerry Bailey to emcee next year's Awards. Some of his comments were waaaay out of line and completely sexist.

- Kudos to Big Drama for winning the Male Sprinter category. I've always been a Drama fan and although he lost at Saratoga to his main competition Majesticperfection, I'm glad he won the Award. Based on his 4 5 year old debut, a track record performance Saturday at Gulfstream, it looks like he's full steam ahead for 2011.

- Another way to put the HoY debate behind us would be a Triple Crown chance in June at Belmont Park. Wouldn't that be sweet?

- Interesting that the DRF voting bloc favored Blame by a pretty wide margin, 38-21.

- No Such Word got a vote denying Blind Luck from being a unanimous selection. Can I get some of the drugs that voter was on?

- Lots of mentions about "the fans" all night long in just about every speech. I'm not a supporter for the fans to vote on these awards. I say leave it to those who cover the sport day in and day out all year long. The NTRA should be trying to recruit new bettors, not fans. The business side of me says that's what pays the bills. Maybe it's time for a leadership change.

- They need to put a time limit on speeches. Maybe they could play Fugue for Tinhorns as the "hook music."

- No mention by the Handicapper of the Year about takeout or boycotts?

- Mike Repole could have been played by a young Al Pacino, no?

Ok, here's our Don Kirshner tribute.....have a good week.


SaratogaSpa said...

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert in the pre-internet, pre-cable days was the only game in town and a good one at that, and he even was trending today on Twitter (Zenyatta was not).

The_Knight_Sky said...

Ha ha. Loved The Midnight Special on WNBC too. My Generation!

Geno wrote:
The NTRA should be trying to recruit new bettors, not fans.

And teaching them and helping them sustain their bankrolls. The learning curve is at least 5 years of education before proficiency is achieved.

With a dwindling fan base and less slots revenue, expect contraction for the next 10 years - which should be a good thing by the way.

Brian Appleton said...

Love the Blind Luck/No Such Word comment! The same could be said for whoever voted against Zenyatta.

I think Big Drama is 5 years old now.

malcer said...

@Brian Appleton:

It could, but then the statement would lose its ironic character.


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