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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comma Sense

It's one of those days....

- Yeah, that was fun waiting for the CashCall Futurity yesterday while the favorite and ultimate winner Comma to the Top waited to for someone to run down to Payless and get him a new pair of shoes. Luckily, the Syracuse-Iona game was on SNY so the 35 minute delay didn't mess me up too much. Regardless, the horse looked impressive, as did the late run of JP's Gusto, but shouldn't he have been scratched? This is up to the stewards?
- Fun fact: Per Urban comma to the top is another way to say apostrophe. The blog site I link above was "inspired by hearing people refer to what the world knows as an "apostrophe" (') called a "comma to the top." What is wrong with the word apostrophe? Why are we redesigning grammar? I've dedicated this to similar public faux pas, grammatical errors, misspelling and pure irony found in public media." I'll bet you can find an Amar'e sighting in there somewhere.
- Fish Squished, 17-14. Always a joy. Speaking of football...that D-Jack return was crazy today.
- The TBA photo contest is in full swing. Vote now. (Well not right now, after you finish reading me).
- Feeling overly sensitive about my apostrophe use; just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone's not watching.
- In case you missed them, my article in The Buffalo News on technology aids for horseplayers and my racing gift ideas post for the racing fan in your life in The News' Sports, Ink Blog.
- Finished 352nd in the Equibase Capping Tourney at Hollyrock this weekend. Swept three straight (races 6-8) which paid $62.80 for the Pick 3 if you played it (I didn't), but could only muster a second earlier in the contest. Another reason I don't play the Cali tracks...and it's not because of a boycott sponsored by...oh I'm not going there.
- Did you hear that the 2011 NHC Tour membership is only $45?
- Rolling out something new here at the blog later this week...stay tuned.


Amateurcapper said...

Peter Miller was on Roger Stein's radio show this a.m. explaining his plight.

First off, COMMA was supplemented at a significant cost which factored in.

Secondly, the on-call farrier they sent was in no shape to shoe the horse. They implied he wasn't balanced (drunk?).

Thirdly, Miller couldn't shoe him.

Lastly, Neil Drysdale sent his farrier who happened to be onsite after speaking to the distressed Miller via phone.

Reportedly, COMMA was beside himself and Jeremy Plonk said as much on RaceChat yesterday.

I agree it was hard on the field. It was just as hard on COMMA and Miller.

I think this Cash Call Futurity win by COMMA TO THE TOP should be viewed with an asterisk ;-)!!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

P.S. If you have a chance, check out the TBA Photo Contest and vote for your top 10.

EquiSpace said...

Rob: Great info and huge win by the Big Apostrophe. Just know that in other sports, if you're not ready when the gun goes off....too bad. Wonder if it was the Breeders' Cup on a tight national TV schedule if they'd do the same...

Hope you have a great west coast holiday! Thanks for reading.


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