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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dipping My Toe in the Pool

I'm not a regular Pick 6 player, but since the pool should approach $2M today at the Spa, I figured I'd take a half-hearted shot. I also became intrigued by the TwinSpires Players' Pool which is taking a swing at the big money today. Even though it feels a little weird, I contributed a few bucks to the Players' Pool just so I could see how my selections fare against some of the better handicappers in the biz. The Players' Pool utilizes the talents of three different handicappers and the Pool is capped with $60K worth of TwinSpires member contributions...wowsa, that's some nice play money to go after a P6 with, eh?

I remember seeing that they took down a big pool on Belmont why not try and double or triple (or egads, quadruple) your money with a really deep ticket that you can follow along and root for? I guess there's nothing wrong with it....although I still feel a little funny like I'm one of those zombies pulling the lever at the slot machine. I guess I'll justify it by putting in a small play of my own and see what happens. When you don't have bankroll you have to find the singles. My singles will be #5-Peat Bay in the 5th race and #9-The Roundhouse in the 10th race and I'll play a variety of two horse combos in between.

We'll report back tomorrow with comparisons and what it was like to be in the Players Pool and how my paltry ticket matched up with the big boys.

Good luck Space Cadets....

1 Comment:

Ernie said...

I'm guessing you're still alive. And I'm also guessing I just jinxed you. Hopefully not

Spa went fast. See ya in Elmont


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