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Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Decision

"I've decided to take my talents to Saratoga Springs."
~LeSpace Man
While I'm away check out the TBA's handicapping challenge for SAR/MTH this weekend. It's just not for your favorite bloggers, we're inviting readers, real turf writers, famous basketball players, my mom and others to join in and show your handicapping skillz to the racing world.
Another new cool site to check out for a handicapping contest this weekend is at Steve Davidowitz' new site I gave the initial contest a know what the say: if it's free it's for me.
See ya Sunday (or at the Spa!).....


The_Knight_Sky said...

I had been looking for Mr. Davidowitz to get the ball rolling.

I'm signed up. Hoping his site evolves as Mr. D is a excellent teacher (as well another fine guy from Jersey).

And you can never go wrong with those.

Susan said...

Haskell Weekend, a new website, contests everywhere, can it get any better than this?
Good luck to all!!!!

Tony Bada Bing said...

For Jim Dandy I'll take A Little Warm

tencentcielo said...

I'm jealous you get to be at the Spa. At this rate, i'll get there when i'm 80. :-(

and my pick for the Jim Dandy is Afleet Express


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