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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Wave

Man it's hot on the East Coast. I remember driving into the Spa on a Wednesday maybe 3 years ago when they cancelled racing due to the heat (what a crappy feeling that is).....You Buffalo haters thinking it snows here all the time should get a piece of this what's hot?
1. My World Cup Pool!!!. Holla Netherlands! I am usually the #1 king loser of the office pool. But guess what soccer boy....I have the Netherlands and Spain in a bracketed pool selected in the final before play started. Bend that one, Beckham. Show me the money Espana...I didn't study your language for five straight years for nothing...
2. Belmont Park. Racing cancelled tomorrow due to extreme temps.
3. Delaware Park. Racing cancelled tomorrow due to extreme temps.
4. The Thoroughbred Times. 40 under 40, then Women that Influence Racing? Who woke up the sleeping giant?? (Editors Note: I was not paid for this free advertisement - I would actually prefer to make fun of any main stream media but giving credit where credit is due)
5. Heat Miser. Always preferred him over the Frost guy (snow miser). know I just did this weak post so I could show my affinity to this song (and to keep TKS honest)....


The_Knight_Sky said...

Martha and The Vandellas?
I was sure you were going to pick the more mainstream Linda Ronstadt version.

You know that's been my favorite since what, 7th grade?

They just don't sing like this anymore:

That's Andrew Gold (Lonely Boy) on guitar. Another childhood fave to remember for a future post.


Thanks to Chris, you scoped clean on the Mr. Prospector stakes contest. My gaffe. Sorry about that.

EquiSpace said...

TKS: I like old school.

I put my wager back into my iTote app and it came out $20 for $1 bet, but didn't want to pester you about it as I didn't think it impacted anything....but thanks for making the correction (for what it's worth!)


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