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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Funnies

It's been a long week and a little comic relief can't hurt. I've been working on my new fast food blog since my traffic spike due to the McDonald's Filet o Fish ad and subsequent lovefest regarding the Shamrock Shake.

I went to the University of Buffalo (UB) - Bowling Green (former SU star Louie Orr coaches the Falcons!) hoops game the other night as a guest of the UB Athletics department and met an old time horseplayer who is involved in the sports program at UB within the sports medicine phase (the Doc). We shared some stories (mainly his) and I found him truly fascinating. He told me how he had a chance to buy into Summer Squall back in the day, and that didn't one of his prodigy win won of the big races last year? Ha! Indeed he did (Summer Bird!). Well, we'll be headed to the Fort or Woodbine this summer together with some of the UB Athletics staff and I can't wait to spend a full day with this gentleman.

Oh yeah...he also shared a couple jokes with me I'll pass on....

Doc: So, Gene did I tell you that I had a horse that went off at 5 to 2 today?
Me: No, what happened?
Doc: Well he came in about a quarter to 3.

Much laughter ensued.

Ok...this one is better....

This horseplayer was sitting at the kitchen table reading the Form when his wife came out of nowhere and cracked him on the head with a frying pan. The horseplayer yelled in pain and asked his wife "Why did you do that??" She said that she had found a piece of paper in his pocket that had the name "Jane" on it. He responded that that was just a horse he had a tip on the previous day and made a bet on it. She apologized and she got him a bag of ice for his head.

The next day the horseplayer was once again sitting at the table perusing the Form and lo and behold his wife cracked him on the head again with the frying pan. Once again, he yelled in pain and asked her "Why did you do that again??" The wife responded, "Your horse just called."

Enjoy the weekend Derby trail stakes know there will be an upset in at least one of the three big races. Don't forget to join the TBA league (54 entries and climbing) set up in the Road to the Roses fantasy contest which starts today. (League ID: 3173203388 and Activation Code: 2247553444). In today's big races I like Tempted to Tapit in the Risen Star, Dublin in the Southwest and Eskendereya in the FOY....but I'll be sitting on the sidelines just enjoying the races. Good luck if you're playing.


SaratogaSpa said...

I have been on this horse early but after reading your post, it fits the joke, his wife caught him with "Jane" as was "tempted to tapit". Ouch!

Bet Tempted to Tapit across the board today.

The_Knight_Sky said...

If it weren't for Beginner's Luck you'd have no luck at all.

Congrats on EquiSpace's Fab Four showing on the leaderboard (twice in three Derby prep contests) this weekend. WTG !!

The Turk said...

Nice picking Geno! I still have the Shamrock Shake on my mind, days later.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Louie Orr?

You mean THE Louis Orr of NY Knickerbockers fame?

He had a pretty good jump shot and he was one of the nicer people on the roster.

How times flies !


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