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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I came up with tonight's post title completely randomly (no pun intended), but ironically when I googled it to find a picture I found this blog instead, and it's worth a look...very funny. But I digress.....Randomlicious, it's the new rage in Kalamazoo.

- Derby Dozen Volume 3 has just been released and no change in the Top Two (Lookin at Lucky or Buddy's Saint) but a big jump up by Rule after his win over the weekend at Tampa has him jumping from 10th up into the top 3. Ten of my twelve selections are in the Dozen, with only Dave in Dixie and Dryfly not part of the elusive list. The two on the list I don't have are Drosselmeyer and Tiz Chrome.

- The horse I am highest on right now: Eskendereya. I have him #2 behind Lucky. His pedigree is decent, sire Giant's Causeway and broodmare sire the Slew. I'd bring up dosage, but can't take the mudslinging that may ensue. He can get the distance. Could he be Pletcher's (and Johnny V's for that matter) first?

- The TBA has a league set up in the Road to the Roses fantasy contest. Closest thing you'll get to fantasy football for horses. (League ID: 3173203388 and Activation Code: 2247553444). C'mon and join up and test you luck against some of the finest bloggers and race fans around!

- A new Derby-based poll is up on the right (no, your other right) sidebar. The polls have really been rocking (been averaging well over 200 votes) with some great questions over the past few weeks, make sure you cast your vote.

- Feeling kind of bad for the folk who bought tix for the original Apple Blossom on April 3rd, as Oaklawn may not be honoring those tickets on the 9th or granting any refunds? Kinda sucks, no?

- This race needs a name (ala Thrilla in Manila)....anyone? anyone? Bueller?

- Been working on some things with the folks over at Thorofan. They have started out on the right path and are doing good things for racing from an educational and charitable standpoint. Stay tuned.

- USA! USA! USA! Team Canada meet Ryan Miller (your worst nightmare on home soil). Rumor has it the Saratoga Resident is in Vancouver cheering on the red, white and blue...

- That's all for now....I could really go for a Filet o Fish right now.....told ya we were random tonight~


Valerie said...

Filet o' Fish, or, better yet, a Shamrock Shake! Yum! Years ago, while leaving the old Cap Center in DC, we decided to stop at a McDonald to get Shamrock shakes and they looked at us like we were insane. Apparently they are a regional (aka Northern) thing. Don't know if that is still true.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Shamrock Shakes! The Southerners don't know what they're missing!

The Turk said...

I have all these horse related comments to make but all I can think about now is the Shamrock Shake....yum!

SaratogaSpa said...

lo and behold, I am eating my breakfast, watching the Today show on NBC and a new Filet o Fish McDonalds commercial is running. This time, the song is the guys ringtone. Too funny!

suebroux said...

Aah ... timely reminder that McD's Filet o' Fish is still an acceptable (and hip!) menu item for Ash Wednesday and/or Fridays during Lent.

Do they even make Shamrock Shakes anymore?

EquiSpace said...

Ahh the Shamrock Shake. A must-have on St. Patty's Day at Mickey D's....I know it well and believe it is still the tradition up here in the northern parts.

Thinking about starting a Fast Food Blog based on the popularity of this post....

3:59 said...

Yes Geno even from Whistler, Equispace is required reading. Holding tix for womens combined tomorrow with America's newest darling going for another gold

Look for me on NBC - I'll be the guy with the cowbell and the American flag

The_Knight_Sky said...

What is 3:59?

The final minute of detention or the amount of time it took Zippy Chippy to traverse The Belmont stakes? ;-)

But I do believe Eskendreya has a future even if he does not win the Fountain of Youth. He needs to show some ratability and get a major check on Saturday. There are plenty of speeders enlisted in Todd's Squad so I do believe they're going to try to teach a few some new tricks in these preps. Aikenite for instance. Watch for an off the pace effort with the switch back to Alan Garcia.

EquiSpace said...

Saratoga Res: Thanks for checking in from Whistler! Looks like your gal had a rough day today! Keep the updates comin'

TKS: Surely as an avid reader of this blog (and I thank you) you've read the infamous 3:59post.

As for Eskendereya...I'm looking for big things...I think he can rate...but we'll see soon enough!


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