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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Nothing much to report here at the Space Station as we are enjoying holiday cheer, friends and family over the next few weeks, so we're just posting a Good Housekeeping edition tonight, most likely devoid of snarky commentary, but if look hard enough you might catch a snarky phrase or two....

- The TBA has reenergized its Facebook page, so if you moonlight on FB be sure to join our Fan Page to keep you up to date on weekly posts and goings on around our group.

- The 09 Photo Contest voting is underway at the TBA website and has even received some love from Claire Novak over at the NTRA website. Someone is trying to screw up my last place finish and voted on my Precious Passion Breeders' Cup photo (which Handride told me he hopes I get a tripod for Christmas). I want names...

- Zipse at the Track has an interesting post up at the TBA Bloodhorse page which is receiving some serious commentary regarding a projected path for Rachel Alexandra's 2010 campaign, check it out.

- I am honored to be the Thoroughbred Racing in New York (TRNY) Facebook group member of the week, mucho thanks to Ernie Munick for this accolade. (If you want to see me in circa 1980 hoop shorts, it's a good laugh btw)

- We've started a new TBA poll initiative (a collaboration with The Knight Sky Racing Blog) which collects data results from each blog showing the poll (super cool). A new and improved poll will be presented each week, highlighting issues that are hot in the horse racing world.

- Anyone else miss the Wind Gatherer? I haven't had to look up a word in months....

- I've kinda been out of the loop today, is it true that Syracuse is considering joining the Big Ten, really?? Oh, this could be good with a Space Gal/Penn State rivalry to no end....or should I say State Penn?


The_Knight_Sky said...

That would be:
The_Knight_Sky Racing blog.

Don't settle for imitations
or online imposters.

Go for the real deal. ;-)

The_Knight_Sky said...

Your question of the week hit 100 responses in less than 24 hours.

I shall call The Guinness Book ! :D


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