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Friday, November 6, 2009

Welcome to La La Land

I figured I wasn't in Kansas anymore when the concierge said the Starbucks wasn't within walking distance since it was seven blocks away. Piece of cake, dude. Anyways, we navigated the six lane freeway last night in our red Ford Focus rental and arrived in Glendale for a nice dinner with an aspiring actress (my pal's daughter) who was way full of energy for two guys who had been on a plane for seven hours, including layovers. I also found out that reality TV (see: The Hills) is scripted (I knew it) -- man, the Space Gal is not going to be happy about this....

But today, it's go time at Santa Anita, which also happens to be my blog title over at the NTRA, where I've got up my final selections for your reading enjoyment (or not). I wasn't going to post any picks this year for the other races, but what else is there to do sitting on a plane for six or seven hours. There were also a couple guys from Buffalo who we chatted with who were also heading to the Cup, you can always pick out the horseplayers...

Remember the Breeders' Cup payouts can be huge (see here for a chart of last year's payouts by bet type):

So here are the picks with tons of in-depth analysis (ha, I've managed not to read anyone's analysis this year -- I'll read them after the races!):

Marathon: 1-Nite Light; 2-Man of Iron; 3-Father Time

Juvenile Turf: 1-Junia Tezia 2-Lillie Langtry; 3-Smart Seattle

Juvenile Fillies: Have no clue (let's just say I have a five horse box planned).....1-She Be Wild; 2-Negligee; 11-Always a Princess

F&M Turf: 1-Midday; 2-Forever Together; 3-Rutherienne

F&M Sprint: 1-Sara Louise; 7-Informed Decision; 3-Ventura

Ladies' Classic (Hugh Hefner Handicap): 1-Music Note; 2-Careless Jewel; 3-Rainbow View

Good luck everyone...may all your tickets be winners.


Trent Podnesik said...


Never heard of these guys - are they credible?

Saw this ad on Facebook - - supposedly giving away $10 - $100 to each new member for 'Breeders' Cup Bonanza' they call it.. Never heard of them, but free money is free money. I got $25.

Thought I would share.


Scott Jagow said...

Hi Gene,

I enjoy your blog. Great photos from the BC! I'm from Buffalo originally and now live in LA. I was at SA on Friday but played from home Saturday. I, too, had my eye on Dancing in Silks but for some inexplicable reason, did not play him in my pick 4. It cost me $36,000. I had Pounced, Cal Flag and yes, Vale of York. I'm stewing in regret. I thought California Flag was a lock this year, and I shouldn't have wasted tickets on anyone else in that race. At least I crushed the exacta with Gotta Have Her. If the first quarter is above :21 coming down that hill, Cal Flag is uncatchable, as we saw on Saturday.

I did get a win bet on Furthest Land, and I too loved Gio Ponti and Twice Over in the classic. If only I had played Zenyatta on top of them in a tri. One of these days, I'm going to take advantage of my opinions.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hello to a fellow Bills/Sabres fan and horseplayer. Thanks for the blog.


EquiSpace said...


Thanks for the kind words. I would have liked to have met you out there (fellow Buffalonian and all)...lot of tough beats, but a great time nonetheless...drop me a line if you ever come home.



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