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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Idea 2.0 (Giant Dork Version)

So my embattled post on the World Series of Horse Racing generated some good conversation (and some bad conversation - first registered F-bomb comment - holla) and being the giant dork that I am, agreed that there were some obvious flaws in my post, but hey I'm just a here are some follow up thoughts on some of the concerns and comments:

1) Maybe Christmas Day would be better....2 months after the Breeders Cup....remember folks I was just saying it was a made-for-TV exhibition to promote racing to the mainstream. (JB had a thought, that the big BC race should be moved to T'giving or Xmas...not bad). This would satisfy a lot of commenters worried about running back in 3-4 weeks. In between the two big NBA games on ABC/ESPN instead of Thanksgiving Day halftime??
2) Rename it the Grand Slam of Racing. The three classic winners and the BC Classic winner get auto-invites...real grand slam, fill the other 10 slots based on standings....hmmm....takes care of the ugly American shot by calling it "World Series" and keep it to ourselves (sticking tongue out). Or if to be politically correct invite the Canadian, Japanese, and British TC champs and really make it an international spectacle. (Apologies in advance if I missed your country and you have a triple crown). Ironically I labeled my word document Grand Slam, but used World Series because of the golf reference, but I digress.
3) Big Purse - wretch some of the dough out of the NTRA or Jockey Club coffers (waiting for those 2008 Form 990's to be filed, with bated breath...especially the salary and investments info!) and who wouldn't want to sell some advertising for the Big Event - the King of Beers for the Sport of Kings....has a nice ring to it...OK....I promise I'll let it go...but sometimes you have to dream....
More dorkdom. This is how my wacky mind thinks sometimes. Was thinking about Calvin Borel and his agent based on recent developments. Calvin Borel's initals are CB. Started thinking about CB's and what the hell happened to them and if truck drivers still use them. Started thinking that the CB radio was the twitter of the 70s ("the CB allowed people to get to know one another in a quasi-anonymous manner"). Looked up CB's on Wiki, saw that the 11 year sunspot cycle has affected them. Read that there was an overabundance "of users jamming onto frequencies during the mid-to-late 1970s and early 1980s, channels often were intolerably noisy and communication became difficult." Looked up 11 year sunspot cycle. Decided I was definitely in dork territory. Must be the squirrels again. Decided to stick to horse racing.
Have a great holiday weekend, will be checking in from all points Western and Central New York.


Anonymous said...

37 million truck drivers still use the CB Radio. I am in that business, and comparing it to Twitter is like comparing earthquakes to mountain climbing. ?????????????

EquiSpace said...

Anon: Keep on Truckin!


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