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Monday, June 22, 2009

Personally, I'd Prefer a Mood Ring

What?!?? Only females get in free?!? Boys, I think we have a gender discrimination suit on our hands. How come mood rings got the shaft?

Of course, that should be the highlight of the day, as only three others look probable to take on the princess on Saturday in the Goose (G1). With West Point Thoroughbreds' Justwhistledixie pointed at the Test in Saratoga, it looks like Alan Brodsky’s Don’t Forget Gil, Godolphin Stables’ Flashing and Edward P. Evans’ Malibu Prayer are the remaining likely starters for the nine-furlong Mother Goose, according to NYRA.

So what're the odds that there will be some pink bracelets left over (first 10,000 fans)? And will you be making a place bet against Rachel?


malcer said...

Hard to guess how much fans the name recognition draws, but from a quality-oriented POV, even "for free, promotional item included" seems to be the only reasonable price.

Will be interesting to see the American Graded Stakes Committee explain how exactly the Mother Goose earns its G1 status after this edition, which can at best be characterized as a prep race.

Glimmerglass said...

I'm sure someone at NYRA thought it was a great marketing gimmick - ladies free, guys pay - but in reality it just ticks people off.

I have been a fan of RA since she raced last year at CD and I'm male. Heck I even sport an RA hat on occassion. So why draw a line between any group and alienate fans and patrons?

There are just enough horse racing fans who are also lawyers that I'm sure someone will tell NYRA where to go.

As to Malcer's suggestion with a regrade in 2010 I can assure you that the Mother Goose will retain G1 status next year. It's the thinner then a Kraft single races in California with an almost walk over by Zenyatta that run a risk being downgraded.

SaratogaSpa said...

The 10G mark is totally dependent on the weather. A Sunny Dry day and ya got a shot, othewise with the weak field going up against RA, forget it.

Anonymous said...

NYRA had better hope Alfred G. Rava, the lawyer who sued The A's, Angels, and Club Med over women only giveaways, isn't a horse racing fan!


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