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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If at first you don't succeed....

....don't try sky diving.

All the talk seems to be about the filly, Rachel Alexandra, this week, but ya gotta think that jockey Calvin Borel can't wait for his second lick at Big Sandy come Saturday. He's got the horse and the invaluable experience (well, one race anyway) from his last trip to the house that Secretariat built. Maybe the chatter will start up after his press conference tomorrow, but I'm sure redemption is first and foremost on his mind. Of course, he's not exactly facing the next coming of the Slew, but there's black-type to be made in them there parts. A grade I is a grade I, no? The Saratoga Resident reminds me that there's a reason they run the race and sometimes we all get caught up in the hype. So true.

The Space Gal would like a pink bracelet, can anyone help a brother out? She's obviously too young to yearn for a mood ring.

You would never know how difficult it was passing the Peace Bridge today around 2pm (literally a minute from Fort Erie Race Track) but the temptation subsided.

I was too slow on the trigger on Sunday when I saw the bridgejumper tweet regarding the Cocoa Beach (Floral Park) race at Belmont, I literally was scrambling to get a place bet in on the #1 horse (With Flying Colors, the eventual winner) and totally botched it and they paid boxcar place bets. Ugh. I was so focused on the Queen's Plate that I wasn't paying attention and blew the opportunity.

Speaking of the Queen's Plate, what an awesome race. Of course, I threw out the favorite and boxed the 2nd, 3rd and 4th finishers. Next time, make a note to just check the Turk's site and box his top four. Take note fellow readers as the man is on fire and a 'capping machine.

I got my first hit ever from Turkey. Google search used: "Space Invasion" Wonder if he found what he was looking for?


The Turk said...

Thanks for the kind words Geno. To me, there is nothing better then this game we play. {part science, part math, pure passion, unpredictable.)

Alan H. said...

Good point on Calvin and his second ride at Belmont. I was thinking about that today too.


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