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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Godzilla v. Rodan

I just can't get into the whole Zenyatta-Rachel thing. Sorry, but Godzilla v. Rodan was a more anticipated matchup in my eyes. It's pretty much old news so I won't repeat it....but I can't help but say that I could care less. If you don't wanna go face the champ on her home turf, so be it. The Saratoga Resident was over for dinner tonight, and his comment was that Zenyatta wasn't even the Police's best song (touche).

Folks, there are bigger fish to fry. If the great Alexandra is all she's hyped up to be (and I'm the first to admit that I think she's fantastic), then let's take on all comers in the big ones. Let Big Z run in the Victoria's Secret or whatever those races are at Santa Anita. The Belmont, Travers/Haskell, JCGC and Classic beckon Rachel Alexandra. Missy, let's make history. Let's go down in the annals. Fuhgettaboutit facing the faux dirt champ. Personally, I'd travel far distances to see her in the Belmont and Travers (already booked in the Batchellor B&B for the big weekend in the Spa) if she can pull it off physically. Hell, I'd even suggest skipping the Classic and run in it next year at Churchill. Racing would be better for it. Who needs a cat fight, when you can make history. Some say she's only won two grade I's, but there is a path to achieve greatness, and going out to Santa Anita to face Zenyatta isn't gonna do it. Sure, it'd be a nice race some Sunday on TVG with like a couple thousand watching, but beating the boys in the Belmont to become the first filly to win two Classics and then winning the Travers or Haskell and JCGC will cement her legacy.

And that is the kind of electricity that could spark racing in this country. People are talking about her in the general masses. And those people don't have a clue who Zenyatta is. But they sure as hell know who Rachel Alexandra is. I hope her name becomes legend. Fingers crossed.


Jessica said...

"I hope her name becomes legend."

Me too. We saw greatness in the Oaks and Preakness; Rachel Alexandra could be a horse for the ages.

Elizabeth said...

Very good point about the general public not knowing who Zenyatta is. I work with a lady who desperately wants Rachel to run in the Belmont so she can bet her again. If I mentioned Zenyatta, she'd probably look at me with a "what are you talking about" look!

Rachel certainly has more name recognition. If she were able to put together a campaign such as you suggest, it would be great for the sport.

Gilman Chatsworth said...

Fantastic point.

The picture, however, is Godzilla vs. Ghidorah!

Ernie said...


Teresa said...

The "Victoria's Secret"? "Missy"? "A cat fight"?

Interesting word choices.

EquiSpace said...

Jessica: I always appreciate when you read and comment on my stuff. Thanks.

Elizabeth: I've even had to explain who Curlin (gasp) is to some folks explaining the common ownership of RA...go figure.

Gilman: Sweet catch, of course, if you look closely Rodan is swooping in for the tag team and big matchup, way up in the upper left corner.

E: I totally thought about using Mothra, but Rodan was always my favorite Godzilla matchup.

Ms. Teresa: Tongue was in cheek...your point is duly noted.

Thanks all for reading.

SaratogaSpa said...

I echo Elizabeth's thoughts on Zenyatta--only the die-hards know her-everyone else if you ask will say-Who?


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