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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wasn't me...

Seriously, how could this one slip past The Jockey Club? Hilarious. Adolescent humor at its best. I should have submitted it to mibredclaimer's race call contest. You've probably seen this before...but tonight was the first time I came across it...

courtesy: hifiami


Amateurcapper said...

Too funny and no, I hadn't seen it yet. Thanks for sharing.

The Turk said...

It takes a straight face to place a bet for for Who Farted to Show.

Anonymous said...

Love that call.

You can tell the announcer is playing into it, too. A little bit of staccato in his cadence would have at least required some effort for the ear to turn "Hoof Hearted" into "Who Farted." You've got to love any announcer who can find something like that to latch on to and run with.

Also, being as though this looks like a quarter horse race, I'm not sure the names are under the auspices of the Jockey Club. I think the QHers are a bit more lenient on their naming rules.

Oh, and thanks for the link as well.


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