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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ramblings of the Sleep Deprived

I'm getting more sleep than the Space Gal, but man, I forgot how hard this is. The nocturnal Space Kid is testing our wits, but we're hanging in there, so pardon tonight's sleep deprived ramblings...

The popularity of the Kentucky Derby proves it is our one shining moment of the year and that we have to make the most of it. For comparison sake this past weekend's Daytona 500 (NASCAR's signature event) drew a 9.2 overnight rating, wherein last year's Derby drew a 9.5. This is comparable to NBA Finals and World Series games that draw in the 10.0 range. (Source: USA Today)

Don't think the small guys can't take on the big boys. Check out how PA-based and Space Gal favorite convenience store Sheetz (she once suggested we put Sheetz carpet in our game room) took Subway to the cleaners in court over their ingenious (nary I say original) $4 dollar footlong sale. Good thing because they have some paper towel dispensers that need some work. What does this have to do with horse racing? Nothing.

Speaking of funny (with hat tip to CanGamble's twitter post) this is one of the most hilarious racing posts I've read in a long time. It can't be too far behind based on BMO's impending debt call next month.

My first trek to Keeneland is in the works and looks like we could pull a Keeneland-Churchill Daily Double (closing day at KEE and opening day at CD) in late April, with a trip to Old Friends. Coming off my 24th tax season, that will be a nice reward! And you thought I was kidding about the Space Kid's track debut...

OK, I'll stop rambling and leave with you with two of my favorite Pittsburg Phil maxims:

"Cut your bets when in a losing streak and increase them when running in a spasm of good luck."

"Double your wagers when you have the bookmakers' money in hand."


The Turk said...

I give you so much credit. When we adopted Little Turk at 5 months old in July 2000, my wife and I were fully engaged, and both of us were up all night with the little guy as he adjusted to being in a new place. I can't imagine having the energy to maintain my blog.

Hang in there. God it goes by quick.

Wind Gatherer said...

Hey! The word verification for my comment is Kstra. I'm so excited, I forgot what my comment was going to be...


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