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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Under the Radar

So it's been over eight months since the Congressional hearings where our sport was called into the principal's office...but it seems as though with all of the global happenings over the past few months (i.e. economic meltdown, ponzi schemes, elections, inaugurations, etc.) we've been under the radar on Capitol Hill and got away with nothing less than detention. I guess they must have more important things to worry about these days than horse racing. Anyone else wonder what really was accomplished by the hearings? I understand there's been some movement related to the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance and the banning of steroids in certain states...but really was anything really accomplished??

How smart was it that Rick Dutrow came down with the flu a la Ferris Bueller the day of the hearings, looking back wasn't that convenient? Ask Miguel Tejada if you're wondering. One thing I thought that would come out of the hearings was a movement towards a national office with a commissioner to end (or unify) the disjointed collection of racing commissions (is there really 39 different jurisdictions or some crazy number like that?) and provide the much-needed leadership our sport cries out for...

Check out this week's Paulick Derby Index, where we have the following five TBA bloggers: Handride, Foolish Pleasure, Superfectablog, Gathering the Wind, and Left at the Gate as expert panelists in the UPI Coaches Poll-like index that is creating a nice buzz leading up to the Run for the Roses.

In case you're wondering how Dutrow took a page out of Ferris' never gets old...

1 Comment:

Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

Totally off topic, but did anyone see "Ferris" at the Oscars? He might need saving again...he looked miserable.

I'm not sure how anyone can organize 39 "commissions." Too many chefs methinks.




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