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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Really...did that just happen?

I think it was one of those days I just should have stayed in bed. I should have known when trying to self-check out at the Home Depot and the lady in front of me was self checking 1,000 couplings one at a time, that I was in for a long day.

Thank goodness that I was not watching the Bills game and just listening to it on the radio. It brought back memory's of Joe Pisarcik's fumble and the Miracle at the Meadowlands, except this time the home team came away with the gift. (Side note: I hope JP Losman liked Toronto last week as he has a bright future in the CFL). I hadn't thought about that game in a very long time, but it's fitting that it was the 30th anniversary of the game last month. At least I couldn't throw anything through my big screen.

The day just kept on getting better as I sat down to play Hollywood Park. I had watched the earlier race at the Big A (race five) with the breakdown of Routine Addendum, who had to be put down, so I was already not feeling great when heading upstairs to do a little wall-papering during the second half of the football game. When I returned downstairs, I had a couple texts from the Saratoga Resident, one was "Fire Jauron" which made me laugh, but the second one dealt with the gruesome death of Nika in the sixth race who ended up bleeding to death. The day was definitely spiraling downward.

So on to Hollywood Park and there were five races left on the card, so I flicked on TVG. The announcers started touting a fantasy Pick Four contest with a $50 gift card to the winner (so I thought) for today's late P4 at HP, limit one entry and $50 minimum ticket. So I delve into the PP's and put together a little 2x3x3x2 ($36) ticket. They mention during the broadcast that if more than one person hits it, the lowest priced ticket wins. Ok, cool, this will keep me occupied while we watch the Steelers game and whatnot. I hit the first leg and then come to find out I have a scratch in the second leg, so my ticket is now a $24 ticket. I hit the second and third legs and am down to the favorite (#10 Now and Zen, $94 will pay) and a longshot Asti (22-1, $540 will pay, and leads most of the race) in the final not bad and maybe by keeping my ticket low since there was a lot of chalk, I think I might have a shot? The 10 horse under Bejarano wins and I'm thinking that maybe I won something for a change, and also, damn why didn't I put in a play for this P4? Doh. What takes the cake and puts me up for "idiot of the year" honors is I go check the rules at and I find out that it's not one $50 gift card, but five ($250 total)!!! I also keep reading the rules (which I didn't do the first time due to my multi-tasking - you know when you're using facebook, twitter, TBA, DRF and twinspires all at once) and see that I was suppose to include my name, address and phone number with the email that included the picks. Details. Deep breath. Sigh. Actually it is quite humorous and a lesson learned. It's right up there with Check Your the rules. The Space Gal likes to use the pseudonym "Dumas" for me sometimes, today it fit.


Pull the Pocket said...

Nice handicapping at least :)

You have a better future than JP does!

Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

I didn't see the game live, but when I watched the replay I thought ESPN was playing an elaborate joke on me...why would they roll losman out of the pocket? Is there a worse play they could have called?

At least it puts them closer to the #1 pick. ugh.

Great handicapping!

Geno said...

PTP: Yeah silver lining. Always read the fine print...lesson learned. Thanks for reading.

TDH: Nightmare in Jersey. A rollout...really??? Thanks for the comments!

Actually I had a pretty nice day holiday shopping and wallpapering with my lovely wife, the sports side of my life just went a little awry.

At least "my" Bears won Thursday night...

teeshirtsoup said...

Haha, I have been known to use the term "Dumas" myself, but only when referring to other people. I called my 10 year old nephew Dumas, and he didn't get it of course, so I turned to his 12 year old sister and told her it was French, and she got it immediately. Since then we just call him "French Toast," and we laugh and laugh.


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