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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Walnuts

- Every time I flip through "A Christmas Story" all I can think of is Plaxico yelling in the nightclub: "I SHOT MY THIGH OUT." Just can't get it out of my head. Now it's in yours. Sorry.

- Ernie left me a response on a facebook status page commenting on the "PAIN" of no racing for the past two days that left me thinking about Santa Anita's opening day card tomorrow. Must. Make. Wager. (well to get the free PP's for the DRF contest).
- Speaking of the king of NY racing, TDH did an excellent piece in Down the Stretch. Looking forward to receiving my copy via post (that's Canadien [sic] for mail). Thanks Keith! You da man. *marking queen's plate down on calendar*
- Been enjoying (a) the milder weather down south in central PA (isn't it scary that to Buffalo, State College is down south)...and (b) that I can access HRTV.
- This lady is my hero and inspiration.
- Coolest Xmas present I received so far: Weston leather cigar holder from Red Envelope. A must for the 'gar-toting golfer or early morning workout watcher.
- Changing up my Spa trips this year, substituting Travers for Alabama weekend, thinking this could be a bang up crop of 2yos (hey we can only hope when we're 128 days away from the big day).
- My dog, Tanner Jones, crushed it for Christmas, he has to be wondering WTF did I do to deserve all of this awesomeness (stocking with name on it, tasty crack bone, mini soft chew bone [man he loves those] and a long stretchy thing w/hoops theme). It's my first Christmas having a dog and he's the best, if only he could handicap.
- The Saratoga Resident called me with holiday wishes yesterday posting a 3:40 from Schenectady which elicited the token "is Schenectady your driveway?" response from yours truly. Much laughter ensued. Oh, the holidays.
- Wondering if Dock Ellis (RIP) ever tripped on cobra venom?
- I haven't twittered in five days, trying to avoid the twitter-azi (just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't watching).
- I have a hunch that Bob Black Jack is going to like the distance and might surprise a fully-loaded Malibu field. Get the free PP at the TBA homepage. I also favor Fifteen Love in the Sir Beaufort Stakes for Bobby Frankel who will tackle a tough Gio Ponti (coming off a bad beat) and El Gato Malo trying turf for the first time (i'd stay away from the Bad Cat in this one).
- Have a super Boxing Day tomorrow.


M.H. Adolphson, Jr. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Bob Black Jack should love the 7 panels, as opposed to the 6 he was forced to go last time (w/ more seasoned bulldog sprinters). I think he's the speed to catch, and I simply worry about the track working against him.

I really like Gio Ponti. Also, I'm not convinced he won't go on synthetic dirt, either, since he has not truly had the chance. He could be a really ripe Big Cap horse if the race turns up soft.

teeshirtsoup said...

Merry Christmas Budman!! Maybe next year, Plaxico will miss a game because he got his tongue frozen to the flagpole outside the stadium.

Geno said...

Big day in the DRF Winter of our Discontent contest hitting 3 of 4 winners! Gio Ponti ($4.60) after Fifteen Love scratched, Bob Black Jack ($12.20) and Squire Trelawny ($8.80) to get me back in the black at $18.60 and cumulative 6 winners of 15 races (40%).

Handride said...

TBA year end note


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