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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tell it to the Judge

I have absolutely nothing meaningful (horse related) to speak of today. If this were a recording you would hit the asterisk and skip the message. So I thought I would provide a little fodder to any of you who continue to read (thanks mom) before some weekend horse posting.

One of my pals that I sit on a charitable board of directors with sells stenographic equipment and is going west and is scheduled to meet the infamous Judge Ito next week. I got excited and told him I definitely need a signed pic for my office with a Dear Geno: Tell it to the Judge! autograph. I met (happened upon) Orenthal James at Casino Niagara a few years ago in a true moment of unintentional comedy where the gals running the OTB window were asking me to get his autograph for them (my response was $5 exacta box 3 and 2). After three hours of the Space Gal and I watching the Notre Dame-USC game next to the Juice whose pal (Chris Hill I think) owned some horses down at Calder and he told me that horse owner B. Wayne Hughes stood up in one of his weddings (I didn't ask which one for fear of bringing up a sore subject) was one of those days where the Space Gal and I plopped down in front of the big HD TV's next to a big guy with a Reggie Bush jersey out of pure randomness who looked damned familiar. Anyways, he says he didn't do it. (wonder how the search is coming?).

So why should you never tell a joke while ice fishing? Cuz the ice will crack up, of course. (*)

Top Chef Season 5 (New Yawk) started up on Wednesday night with 17 new contestants, two of which were sent home during the opener. The Saratoga Resident is sponsoring a fantasy 'winner take all' pool and the Space Gal and I both entered for a nominal fee. It's really the bragging rights isn't it? Yours truly drew the #1 draft pick and I have my sights on my namesake Island Gene (aka The Flyin' Hawaiian) who had an awesome week one experience with a nice Indian dish. We draft after next week's episode and we'll keep y'all posted on the Top Chef handicapping and pool selections. Last survivor takes the pot. Good stuff. Pass the roquefort.

Not one race that really interests me this weekend, so I'm taking a couple weeks off to regenerate until the Cigar Mile, my favorite fall race of the Big A meet. The competition is shaping up nicely with some big names like Arson Squad, the filly Zaftig [update: she's retiring], Kodiak Kowboy, Visionaire and Tale of Ekati.

*Bad joke, courtesy of the Saratoga Resident.



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