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Saturday, November 8, 2008

He'ssss Baaack

'King Cobra' Pat Biancone is back. His one year suspension for possession of cobra venom in one of his Keeneland barns expired on November 1st. According to the DRF, he intends to apply for some stalls at Santa Anita this winter. "Snake venom has been known to be injected to deaden or "block" a horse's joint or nerve."

The Bad Cat (El Gato Malo) has returned to the track working out at Hollywood Park this week, we'll keep an eye out for his next start. He returns after a leg injury suffered in the Lone Star Derby (G3) in May.

Well, it helped O-bomb-a win an election, so why not give it a shot. NYRA announced this week that it has launched a Facebook site in addition to a MySpace site to recruit a younger fan base. The President-elect's Facebook site had over 2.7 million members compared to his GOP opponent's 622K. These social networking sites are becoming more and more important in every day life and connecting with others. His campaign certainly was the best on-line campaign ever staged in a presidential election. Hopefully NYRA can get the same kind of traction. As of this morning they had 581 fans (including yours truly).

The Bills are in an offensive lull and it won't get any easier this week at Foxboro. Bad planning on my part, with the Sabres playing the Bruins tonight and Notre Dame in town to play the BC Eagles, a tremendous road trip opportunity went by the wayside. Guess I'll just stay home and enjoy the 70 (!) degree Buffalo weather. Someone said we usually get a bit of snow here.....


Mary Forney's Blog said...

Ha! Great post! I'm blogging from the Southern Calif. circuit, and will definitely keep an eye out for El Gato Malo at Hollywood, and also the stall allocations at Santa Anita. Let's see how many they give Biancome! Blog on.

Geno said...

Mary: Keep me posted on my sentimental fav, The Bad Cat.

And thanks for reading!


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