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Thursday, October 30, 2008

When Legends Visit...

It's Jets week in Buffalo, so it makes it one of those opinionated days.....

- Now that the focus has shifted from the left coast (well, except for Hollywood Park, of course) and Calder, Churchill and Aqueduct are open for bizness, there's still some great racing left. One of my favorite races of the year is the Cigar Mile on Thanksgiving weekend, thanks mostly to a colt named Purge.

- It will be years before enough data is collected related to safety, handicapping and sires of synthetic specialists to provide bonafide conclusions or insight in each of these areas. Of course, when the data comes out, there will be three ways to sunday to spin it. Stay tuned.

- Imagine you live in New York City and they were to close Belmont and Aqueduct, that is what I am feeling right now after falling in love with Fort's the latest.

- Looks like the Horse of the Year honors (Curlin v. Zenyatta) is the next great debate in the mainstream and blogosphere. Funny they aren't mentioning that horse that won four G1's including the Derby and the Preakness....what's his name again, oh never mind...

- Speaking of the Big Z, do you think she would have had the headlines that she garnered on Saturday, that she attained through the spotlight of the Filly Friday Feature (datz a lotta F's)? My bet is if she ran on Saturday, which sported double BC winner Midnight Lute, the European domination and the upset of Curlin, her victory would have been buried deep in the hearta. Ya think?

- Some of our TBA'ers were mentioned on LAist yesterday in this blog, as being "some of the most influential bloggers in the sport." Kudos.

- We've redesigned (using "we" very lightly here) the TBA website, check it out, bookmark it and grab the RSS feed (at the top of this blog too!).
- Finally, a living legend visits Ralph Wilson Stadium (f/k/a Rich Stadium) this weekend, my Farve-ian recruiting efforts over the summer were to no avail, and he will be wearing the white and green of the enemy NYJ.....can't remember the last time a living Jets legend visited our environs...was it this guy?


Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

I dream of running an interview like that one with Namath...

The Bills have Touchdown Trent Edwards, no need for FavRay.

Let's go Bills!

Winston...not really said...

That was awesome!

I'd let Broadway Joe kiss me. He looks great in pantyhose.

Geno said...

Gotta love the porn stache on the other pic too!

Kevin Stafford said...

As a lifelong 'Bama fan (albeit expatriated in Pennsylvania at the moment), broadway Joe - even while obnoxiously intoxicated - is "da man!!!"

About Big Brown - he just doesn't even warrant consdieration for me. I know he won Grade 1's, but against who? That's my big problem. Funny thing is he probably would've run HUGE in this year's Classic. That may have changed everything. Here's hoping him well in retirement.

Wow - we got mentioned by LAist? Rock on!!! Take Back Saturday!!! :-)


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